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  1. Rockler no longer sells the tall version of their router table fence, so I'm hoping someone has one sitting around that they can let go. It was Rockler Deluxe Router Fence, item #30136, as seen on this weblink: https://www.rockler.com/how-to/rockl...-router-fence/ If you have one available please let me know. Email is the best way to reach me. Thanks! Dustin smithdu@gmail.com
  2. Steve, No hard feelings by any means. Maybe I did read too much into your posts, who knows. It's hard to read intent in text, so my apologies if I sounded harsh, too. And my offer still stands, too -- put in a bid on the bench and you might get it for $930 instead of $1600! Dustin
  3. I'm not here to prove to you that I'm an honest eBayer, but feel free to take a look at my feedback on eBay left from the previous buyers of my woodshop tools. Also note that not a single one of those auctions ever had a "reserve" price -- every one of those tools sold to the high bidder, at whatever the high bid ended up being, period. The Festool Domino, all of the Lie-Nielsen planes, the Lie-Nielsen chisel sets -- all of it. I didn't want to sell any of that stuff, either -- but I did and both the buyer and I got a fair deal. I'm hoping to do the same with this bench -- that's all.
  4. I didn't necessarily refuse Steve's $1600 offer -- I simply asked him to place a bid on the eBay auction. Steve didn't want to bid on it, he wanted to come buy it right away for $1600. I kindly said no thanks, that I couldn't do that -- the auction was already underway. Steve originally found out I was selling the bench by reading my original post, wherein I was hoping to generate bids on the auction (I doubt people search for "Split Top Roubo" on eBay very often). I simply wanted to see how the auction turned out rather than take a shot in the dark at an asking price. I feel my reasoning
  5. I don't think you understand how a "no reserve" auction works, which is what this is. The current bid is $910 and the auction ends Friday night. If no one else bids, the bench sells for $910. Period. It doesn't matter how much I want to get for the bench -- it sells to the highest bidder for their high bid, whatever that ends up being. Dustin
  6. I have three Festool items on eBay now, too -- plus a bunch of other odds & ends shop stuff. But I'm not worried about those selling since Festool is so sought after on the used market. It's the Roubo that has me concerned....how do you put a price tag on a bench you spent 6 weeks building with the highest quality materials a man can buy? But if you're interested in looking it's the OF 1400 router, ETS 150/3 sander and CT 26 E dust extractor. Click the Roubo eBay link up top and then see my other auctions. Dustin
  7. Hi guys, It pains me, but I'm moving to Los Angeles and must unload my woodshop equipment. I know I won't get any real interest from the general eBay crowd, so I'm hoping someone here will take note and give my Roubo a good home. http://www.ebay.com/itm/141490855971?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Thanks guys, Dustin
  8. I am definitely less OCD when it comes to my "cheap" tools. For example, when it came time to buy a trim router for a project I was working on, I went with a Ridgid because it was given very good reviews in Fine Woodworking (even better than the Festool trim router) and was only a cool 100 bucks at Home Depot. It is bright orange and in no way matches my Festool 1400, Porter Cable 690, or Triton table router -- but it doesn't bother me one bit. But when it comes time to buy hand tools, I only buy the best because I am beyond the days of becoming frustrated with low quality hand tools (been
  9. Hey gang, I delivered the gun rack to my father-in-law's house last weekend and installed it in his "safe room." He's a doomsday prepper type guy, and when he built his house he had a 8'x10' room built in the center of the house that is built to evidence room specs. Pretty cool, and very safe for the guns. Below are some pics of the rack hanging on the wall, above the floor-standing gun rack I made for him previously. Forgive the crappy cell phone pics! Dustin
  10. Most of you have probably seen Marc's "Woodworker's Reflex Test" in the Roubo Guild Build video series, wherein he pops a dog up out of the dog slot and catches it mid-air. Please see the link below for my response to Marc's elementary display of reflexes. http://s238.photobucket.com/user/smithdu/media/DAS.mp4.html Marc, now what's up? Dustin
  11. I love my bench -- I just wish Benchcrafted had the new pin-less scissor vice available when I built mine. I didn't think the leg vise pin would bother me, but I find myself getting very annoyed whenever I have to move the pin for the vice. I guess I use it more than I thought I would. I have the same problem with the suede not sticking to the chop, it easily peels off. Maybe I'll try the contact cement that someone mentioned. Dustin
  12. Dustin here (the guy who started all this hoopla, with the Japanese chisels ad), and I will say that it does annoy me that all of my Festool systainers don't match because the older ones have the two thumb latches, and the newer ones have the rotating T-Loc. I have seriously considered buying new T-Loc systainers and selling my old latch-style Systainers, but haven't gotten there yet! This desire is actually mixed with some logic, as the new T-Loc design is just great compared to the old. So it's not just looks in this instance. Dustin
  13. I'm even worse with my clamps (or at least equally as logic-less). I sold off all of my non-matching clamps, all of which worked like new and were decent clamps, and bought a full array of Bessey Revo parallel clamps. Sure, they all clamp the same in the end, but they sure do look pretty all lined up in a black & red row on my wall clamp rack! I have to be the definition of obsessive-compulsive! Dustin
  14. I think you guys are just jealous that I now have a complete set of LN bench chisels hanging proudly next to my complete set of LN mortise chisels Dustin (not Justin!)
  15. Brookhaven here....2 miles inside the perimeter on Ashford Dunwoody