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  1. Neither I think...brush on, then let it dry forever. You don't wipe it off, and there should be no standing stain according to the manufacturer. That is what I am going to do, based on all your guys' recommendations here I was able to convince my wife to hold off! That is what I am going to do, based on all your guys' recommendations here I was able to convince my wife to hold off! Definitely no warm, dry weather here! Yes it is sanded. However based on all your guys' recommendations here I was able to convince my wife to hold off! So I won't have to take my chances! That makes sense, I have only ever used regular wood stain before. Thanks for the insight!
  2. Hello fellow woodworkers! I am a little out of my element here as this project is for outdoor use. As such I am using an Outdoor stain "Olympic Maximum Cedar NaturalTone Semi-Transparent Exterior Stain". My issue is that my wife is rushing this project to be completed and ready to use for a cookout Saturday evening. My first opportunity to apply the stain will be this evening. The product says it is not completely cured / dried for at least 24 hours. Being as it is that these are benches, I need to stain all 6 sides of the 2x4 Cedar boards. Given the time constraint from my lovely wife I cannot wait 24 hours between sides. So, my question is, how long do I have to wait to flip the boards on painter's pyramids to apply the back side of the stain? I am also worried about lap marks if waiting too long for the first 3 sides to dry before doing the final. I called Olympic, they said 24 hours of course because "The boards would have a harder time soaking in the stain / penetrating if they are upside down due to gravity" Surely this can't be true, isn't it more of a "wicking" operation? Thank you all in advance for any input you can provide!
  3. That always seems to happen to me, I buy something for a specific purpose, then go another route! That's a good idea! That's what I am thinking would be the benefit, something to refer back to. Have you thought about possibly scanning in your notes so you can find them easier? That's how we all learn though! I did see Marc's notebook in his store, perhaps that would be a good option for me. Sounds like a good plan, that way everything you need is in one place. Ha! I have a few of those "some day" projects! Oh I like the sound of that paper, I shall have to look it up. I have been looking for something that wouldn't be such a waste for small sketches as a notepad. Do you think perhaps you don't look at the old ones because it would be too much of a pain? Or do you just not need the information contained in them? I didn't even think of finishing! That's a great idea! Granted I have never branched much past stain and spray lacquer haha good idea for re-purposing! I know that feeling...the wife is good for interrupting my thoughts! That's my line of thinking, being able to refer back / remind myself of my progress, critique my old projects. I will have to look those up, are those the little spiral bound ones? That's a good idea, then others can learn as well! As long as they are accessible, I suppose the medium by which you record / save them doesn't matter! Sounds very detailed and organized! Good idea with the router bits! I didn't even think of that! I took a look at that portion of the site briefly, perhaps it warrants another look! That's my problem, I just can't remember everything anymore!
  4. Do any of you keep a physical shop journal? I see a few posts here where people talk generally about their current or recent projects. However, do any of you keep a physical log of your projects, things you learned, disappointments, observations, and other such notes?
  5. Does anyone have any ideas on how to protect a Radial Arm Saw during transport? I'm a bit worried about the "arm" portion flexing with bumps in the road. Not to mention the locking mechanisms for the adjustments. It's going to be about a 2 hour journy on the highway. Thanks for your suggestions!
  6. My grandfather always taught me not to mow before 9AM on the weekends... That being said I would approach the neighbor and explain your concern & desire to ensure you are not disturbing them or inconvienencing them. If you don't want to deal with them directly, leave a note in their door with your number, perhaps ask them to text you when you are using your tools and it's bothering them. That worked out well for me with music in my old apartment.
  7. I have an Owner's manual for a Powermatic Model PWBS-14CS band saw. (Manual is part number M-1791216). It's slightly used, a couple dirt / dust marks and frayed corners. If you want it, you pay shipping. I just want to get it out of my manuals stack as I no longer have the saw.
  8. It would be good for that, nice and tall! I wondered if there would be a market for it there or not...good suggestion! That was my thought as well. It could most likely handle light stuff, supplies are a good idea! Seems a bit flamable for that, one time use I would presume! mmmm Smoked meat! Agreed! That's why I come here You just never know what you will find! That's not a bad idea, the display cabinet...it is lighted after all! I had thought about that as well, just keeping the hardware. Thanks for the suggestion!
  9. I'm starting to lean that way. I could save the light up protion and build it into something else...then again I could just build a slimmer version of that too..
  10. Collin, good idea, however I would worry about the weight of all that. These drawers / the frame is pretty flimsy as it used to hold cigarettes for sale.
  11. I got this for free at an auction a few years back and it has been collecting dust / taking up space in my shop ever since. I thought it was kind of cool and had plans to remake the bottoms of the shelves in hardboard to use them for light storage of some kind (the drawers are on slides). I doubt it could hold much weight. Any ideas what this could be used for in a woodshop, or should I just get rid of it?
  12. Thank you for all the links! The one from Grainger looks pretty perfect, almost an exact match. Unfortunately they don't list the diameter of the shaft. It's only $12 though I mind as well just try it!
  13. Tank you, I will check into those!
  14. Sorry for the dark pictures, I was in a hurry this morning...Hopefully I took the measurements right. Doesn't make much sense to me that the shaft is bigger than the inner diameter of the handle's sleeve...it's also worth noting that the shaft has two parallel flat spots, probably where the set screw grabs? This is the shaft depth This is the inner diameter of the handle sleeve This is the diameter of the shaft This is the depth of the handle's mounting section
  15. Why didn't I think of that! That is a great idea! Although it would be a bit bulky... I will do that tonight and post the result, that is a good idea too! I agree, I just don't know what, that wouldn't snap or wear out easily...
  16. I have actually done that before lol, just wasn't my deep sink.
  17. I spose I will have to see how the rest of my planning goes.
  18. I hadn't thought about that...but seems like the table would get in the way...
  19. I will attach some pictures here...it appears to simply be connected to the metal shaft with some type of set screw. The key here is that the handle itself rotates as the handle is turned. Plus it needs to be strong enough to handle the leverage.
  20. I have a Cal-Hawk 240-2020 Drill Press. During my last project he plastic handle which is used to raise and lower the table snapped off. I have been unable to find any sources for replacement parts for these (made in the late 90's). And ideas?
  21. That's about what I was hoping the process would be. In this day and age, no real reason to do a face to face or be limited to local talent with something like this. That makes sense. What I have in mind is pretty basic. I have definitely seen some logo's where I had to stare at them for a minute. That sounds exactly like what I want to do! That's a good idea. There are a few colleges around here. I know college kids are always looking for work! I have heard of Legal Zoom before, but never really looked into them. I think I worry if what they do would hold up in court, as compared to say a "real" attourney. I will need to do some research on them. That's a good poit. I wonder if I could get 100% Ownership rights. As in completely take the file off their hands and be responsible for backing it up myself... I think that is similar to the copyright symbol. It's like a deterrent, but not really backeds by anything. I would think anyone who was out to profit from someone else's work would check to see how easy it was going to be. Awesome! I will definitely look into that!
  22. That is a very good point, I didn't even think about scaling, or previous work!
  23. Thank you for your message! That is a very good point, if I am going to the trouble, I should protect it! And good idea with the contract! I know there are websites you can "design your own" or whatever, but that's all basicallly clip art. $100 wouldn't be horrible. I suppose I never stopped to think what I would be willing to spend. Why avoid colors if I may ask? I planned on getting one with color and one without for various purposes...
  24. I apologize if this is a repost, I did a search and didn't find anything previously. I am wanting to get a logo created for myself. I am not "professional" or a business per se, but I would like to get something put together to brand my creations with. 1. If I have someone create the logo for me, how do I go about making sure I have the rights to it for reproduction, printing, etc.? 2. Is it worth the hassle to Trade Mark the logo / catchphrase? 3. Does any one have any reccomendations for someone to do the design work / average or fair price guidance? Thanks in advance for your help!
  25. I will double check with him on the pipe measurement. I did think about adding at the least a urinal, that's a whole nother discussion though. That makes sense with the figures you posed here...I suppose it is a fair price indeed!