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  1. sjeff70

    info on General finishes

    This may be the direction all businesses will take in the future. As long as every business is doing it, it's an even playing field. That's how we got to where we are today with customer service. We are headed toward strictly, buyer beware
  2. sjeff70

    My Garage Shop - Tour and Reorganization

    JohnG, I like your approach in seeing if the bug would bite you and then proceeding from there. What sort of pieces will you be making in your shop
  3. sjeff70

    Thrust bearing

    That was the first thing I thought of when I read the title of your post. I thought it was a crank joke but I see your bandsaw gave you the shaft. Just keep your bearing during the install and you'll be okay.
  4. It's my understanding that refinishing antiques bring down a piece's value considerably. So if he thought it was an antique I'd look elsewhere. The recommendation is soap and water first, mineral spirits could be strong medicine.
  5. sjeff70

    Fay and Egan jointer

    Right. I'd say he had what appeared to be subdued enthusiasm. Now he's a motivator!
  6. sjeff70

    Fay and Egan jointer

    Man that thing is awesome! What did you end up transporting it on and was the forklift able to finish the job? You must have bay doors since you can't get through a doorway with it.
  7. sjeff70

    Beginner - Impulse Buy

    The tablesaw is all you need for a while anyway. Concentrate on building up your work area using cabinet grade plywood: crosscut sled, outfeed table with a router in the middle, simple workbench, and cabinets. A router would be a great, inexpensive 3rd tool and you could practice with it on your shop cabinet doors. Every guy needs a workbench area, if only for home improvement projects.
  8. sjeff70

    Fay and Egan jointer

    Please post pics of it once you get it cleaned up and set up; and don't hold back any of the details.
  9. sjeff70

    Fay and Egan jointer

    Can't believe it's single phase, I'd avoid it only because of the nightmare of what it will take to move it.
  10. sjeff70

    Drawing up and marking out

    Derekcohen, how do you transfer this full scale drawing to the build?
  11. sjeff70


    If memory serves, AC/DC once had something to say about those balls.
  12. sjeff70

    Handplaning panels for a finished surface

    Oh... well...there had to be a reason.
  13. sjeff70

    Handplaning panels for a finished surface

    There are many areas you can't plane so I suppose it depends on what you're creating for a finished product too. But I had to ask because it seems hardly anyone is doing it, anywhere. I guess the finish isn't the most important part of a build but it seems to get the greatest attention.
  14. Some questions popped up after watching Marc's, 'Planing vs Sanding video.' I've never seen anyone finish panels with a handplane before they went straight to finishing. It's always orbit sanding or card scraper. So I went over to youtube and in about 5 minutes, found only one video where someone handplaned a flat for a finished surface. My question is if the results are as drastic as they appear in Marc's Planing vs Sanding video how come it appears to be a rare practice? Experts seems to gravitate toward scraping. Here's the video for those who don't remember or haven't seen it: Also in the comment section of the video I linked with Marc's early video, 'Low-angle Jack Plane: The Only Handplane You Need?'. I got a lot out of this video and was wondering if this content was covered in Marc's Hybrid book as far as the different knives needed to make a 3 or 4 in 1 handplane, etc:
  15. sjeff70

    Medieval side table

    Same here