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  1. sjeff70

    Hepplewhite Sideboard

    The focus of that book is how to identify a good period furniture piece, so it contains no construction details. I have one of the earlier editions of that book, I hope the newest edition was finally printed in color. That's a great looking piece, the Federal period is my favorite. Is your book new? I couldn't find it anywhere.
  2. sjeff70

    Table Saw! Powermatic vs. SawStop vs. your favorite!

    The warranty periods for the 2 saws are far apart. Is there a good reason for that?
  3. sjeff70

    8 Drawer Dresser In Walnut

    Very nice. Thanks for taking the time to explain/teach
  4. sjeff70

    8 Drawer Dresser In Walnut

    I went over your op again. When you said you were going to do some veneering I took this to mean you were going to adhere the veneer to a substrate. I missed the fact that you made (5) 1/4" solid panels. I was unaware you could make panels that thin without a substrate. I assume you probably aimed for 5/16" ea panel. Do you risk the panels warping by finishing them immediately after sawing? This is even better than I originally thought. To make panels that thin without substrate; via milling them from your own milled log is pretty freakin cool.
  5. sjeff70

    8 Drawer Dresser In Walnut

    So go this route if u don't mind waiting for it to dry and you're getting the tree or log for free. If there's more waste then it's a little less stable compared to 'traditionally' milled boards. How thick do you cut the veneers from slabs compared to a 'traditional' 3/16" veneer?
  6. sjeff70

    8 Drawer Dresser In Walnut

    I was thinking if you had your own chainsaw it would be cheap to mill this way just for veneering purposes. Is there a disadvantage as far as the stability in the veneer cut this way vs. the traditional ways of doing it? I just haven't seen it done this way before. Very interesting.
  7. sjeff70

    8 Drawer Dresser In Walnut

    Are there any disadvantages to re-sawing slabs like this? It seems this would be a cost effective advantage.
  8. sjeff70

    Moving large machines...sanity check

    Whatever plan you use please take some video of the operation and post them here. There aren't many videos on youtube that show someone transporting woodworking machines around
  9. sjeff70

    Workbench Build Ideas

    How does Kev clamp long boards on end without a deadman on that Roubo?
  10. sjeff70

    West Systems Fail

    If the size of one pump worth of product isn't recommended on the bottle then get an average of what a pump weighs in grams, then you don't have to rely on the pump to dispense the proper amount. I have a scale to measure food servings that weighs in grams and ounces.
  11. sjeff70

    Grandfather Clock

    It looks like some of the parts are missing, especially to the top. Or as Tom said, not original. Take apart the various sections and rebuild the missing parts. The sections with missing or broken veneers will have to be completely redone. Cost of repairing or obtaining new works will be expensive.
  12. sjeff70

    Beginner building workbench

    That vise you linked to, is it in the same family as a record vise where you encase the vise in wood and use it as a tail vise? David Marks had one on his bench.
  13. sjeff70

    info on General finishes

    This may be the direction all businesses will take in the future. As long as every business is doing it, it's an even playing field. That's how we got to where we are today with customer service. We are headed toward strictly, buyer beware
  14. sjeff70

    My Garage Shop - Tour and Reorganization

    JohnG, I like your approach in seeing if the bug would bite you and then proceeding from there. What sort of pieces will you be making in your shop
  15. sjeff70

    Thrust bearing

    That was the first thing I thought of when I read the title of your post. I thought it was a crank joke but I see your bandsaw gave you the shaft. Just keep your bearing during the install and you'll be okay.