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  1. You hit on something. It's not so much the style but the maker. The desk is extraordinary but they also made a mean, tall grandfather clock.
  2. That's what's great about period furniture, it doesn't date.
  3. Been debating that one too for a while. I'm trying to go without one by going with a pair of ottomans instead... or a large drum table would be nice, sometimes called a center table. Wouldn't go over 24" high. There was one just like the one posted in a 3rd season episode of 'Better Call Saul'.
  4. A friend of mine's dad is a retired electrician. He buys new homes and walks through them as they're being built. Makes notes on obvious discrepancies that he can verify against the contract/plans. Then he sues the building company upon walk-through/completion. If it's not using correct (or upgraded) materials or using building shortcuts it's something else. He enjoys it and makes a lot of money doing it.
  5. I'd love a house full of federal period reproductions; that's my sole interest for woodworking.
  6. I like books which over time drew me to my favorite periods and cabinet makers. You get so much from books. Go to and search 'period furniture measured drawings' or something to that effect. Buy used and get deep discounts. I know there's a Pennsylvania Dutch Chest in Bill Hylton's, 'Chest of Drawers'. There's also a few in Lang's, 'Furniture in the Southern Style'.
  7. Thanks G. Funny how PBS determines who gets what and when. Here in St. Louis we are up to date on Woodsmith Shop.
  8. I caught the first show of season 1 last Sunday. Caught me by total surprise, it's sponsored by Fine Woodworking. I'm looking forward to more of this. I also caught the new Woodsmith Shop which aired right before Classic Woodworking. It's a new format now with all new staff. They brought back one guy but turned the rest of the staff over. I think it's Christ Fitch but it's difficult to tell since there's little information available, my patience wears thin when I can't find something that should be so simple to find via Google. You go to Chris Fitch's little blog site and there's no pic of him anywhere so it's anyone's guess who these people are.
  9. The pulls aren't Hepplewhite are they? They resemble Chippendale.
  10. I've always liked the record vise encased in wood like David Marks has on his bench. How is the vise you guys are describing better than an inexpensive record vise?
  11. Amazon has it for $579. It's the DW735X which means you get the feed tables and extra knives. So if you don't need the stand you could save $20. Don't know what tax savings you could get on Amazon. Of course $20 for a $145 stand is a pretty good deal.
  12. You'll be able to see it's a built in with the existing wall constraints, it's not like there's room which would beg the question as to why you didn't make them symmetrical. Symmetrical is boring and contrived anyway. Like staging furniture with matching lamps.
  13. Love the bureau. Very pleasing, subtle wood grain choice you made there. I dislike flashy contrasting woods and grain patterns that are too much and don't grow with you over time. Nice work.
  14. The focus of that book is how to identify a good period furniture piece, so it contains no construction details. I have one of the earlier editions of that book, I hope the newest edition was finally printed in color. That's a great looking piece, the Federal period is my favorite. Is your book new? I couldn't find it anywhere.