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  1. Thanks guys for your experience and input
  2. Not sure if that's how I want to work or not but that's the way I'm headed. I was curious how woodworkers were approaching relative dimensioning which is what lead me to that book. I will have to find out how others are doing it without full scale drawings in comparison. The Guild will help, I'm just not there yet.
  3. Well, I mean you get to see if your design meets your expectations but beyond that, to start with, many measurements are taken from a full scale drawing to put on your work piece. I'm still working through the book so I'm sure there's more to story poles and relative dimensioning. How do you get a full scale drawing from those programs or do people do without? I don't want to derail your thread, I apologize if this isn't the place for these comments and concerns.
  4. True. Is the full scale drawing aspect with all of its benefits, how does that work with the programs?
  5. I ran across the book, 'Measure Twice, Cut Once' by Jim Tolpin, by accident recently. Great read, I'm about halfway through. The first printing of the book came out during SketchUp's infancy and while he does mention it, he does everything from design to Master Cut Lists mechanically. Has any of the woodworking schools gone to SketchUp instead of using traditional mechanical drawings? Some of the programs mentioned, at least AutoCad, would still require you to create Cut Lists, etc. on your own - correct?
  6. It seems like the banks would try to get their money back on fraudulent claims. Maybe they do something I don't know. If banks don't have power I don't know who does.
  7. I was curious how much it would cost to rent a small truck with lift gate service. Wow, what a hassle. I shopped Enterprise for a basic 16-footer with lift gate and they do not indicate pricing on their website, even though you can book your truck rental on the day you need the reservation online. I guess people are willing to pay any amount to rent their trucks. So I called and after I told them what I thought of their website they quoted me a price of $225 per day plus mileage. At this rate shopping around will take about 5 hours. A first timer trying to rent a truck, books it online but still has to call to get a price and wait for them to do everything I just did on their website. When you realize how silly it is shopping for a truck rental online you can cut this time in half by just calling them. The only positive aspect of this entire experience was at least the representive was not located in India and spoke excellent english.
  8. If you guys are traveling to these schools where are you staying? Are they 8-hr days?
  9. Troll... but good information exchanged as a result.
  10. I didn't want to be become dependent on the online, web version and then I'm under their thumb when they make changes. I want to be in control of my own destiny. Which is of course greatness. Thanks Bob!
  11. It looks like everything you discussed here is in your 'New Woodworker's Guide to Sketchup' that Mark J above mentioned. Can you use the e-book for Sketchup Make?
  12. Thanks Bob for responding. I was totally unaware you could do this. As far as extracting elevations or sections from the model. Can you do this on the free version? Or the downloadable Make version for that matter.
  13. The purpose of a split jamb door is the jamb is adjustable width wise to fit various wall widths. I'm assuming you can widen the gap between the two jambs the width of the stop that will hide the gap.
  14. I'm not exactly sure how to widen/extend split jamb doors but if you cut the nails securing the trim around the door on both sides of the room shouldn't the jambs be adjustable? Provided the jambs aren't extended fully already.
  15. Sound advice. It requires customer loyalty to some degree which isn't my strong suit. There always seems to be something wrong with the service that prevents it. I might be a tough customer, I have to offer that, but I find myself continually looking for professional service I can live with.
  16. The concern is the continual drop in customer service across the board over the years. I mean it has continued to drop over the decades instead of leveling off at any point. Acceptance of poor customer service is okay for temporary setbacks but not on top of what we enjoy now as customer service. We might go back to our ways pre-covid but many companies have learned new ways to cut costs post-covid. So there will be continued degradation of customer service in some way. Collusion is the name of the game when new cost cutting schemes become part of the successful business model. Meaning if everyone is doing it, it becomes the norm and it can't be used to weed out the competition. All companies compete for profit at the expense of customer service, there's nothing we can do about it (unfortunately).
  17. I picked up an early GW a few years ago. I'm not an expert but my understanding is they only made a scissor type equalizer, with different variations of it over the years. To identify the slide and/or cabinet I would send the pic to a business that restores furniture antiques.
  18. This is the sort of stuff I would like to build in the future. It has a period taste. I agree with Billy that there's a seam at the top. You only have to build one form. Oak is a relatively inexpensive hardwood. I don't know how many cabinets the company plans to make but wouldn't it be more cost effective if it was laminated hardwood? It weighs almost 200lbs. What we should do is draw up a 3 view plan, bill of materials, etc. and post.
  19. I can see that, the damp towels and whatnot. There are benefits to both. With everything I've done to this house I'm just over the builders grade crap in general. A friend of mine just moved into an upscale neighborhood (Lake St. Louis, MO for those familiar), ordered a brand new house through McBride (again for those familiar) and paid over $325,000 for the house. It has no trim around the windows or walkouts... And the wire shelving is just a constant reminder of that.
  20. I have a walk-in closet with wire shelving and I feel your pain. In this case I like Coop's closet system. I'm not fortunate to have space in my current house for a pantry but all of my other closets have the wire shelving that will be converting to solid shelving. My linen closet is full of small items that are stored in several different boxes because of the wire shelving. I got used to pulling the boxes out and searching for what I needed instead of buying small trays which could have helped. The added thickness on the front edge is a great tip. I also like how the shelve(s) can easily be removed temporarily if needed.
  21. I painted the bracket supports the wall color of the closet and I used 3/4 solid wood for the top. I think it's pine. I use the shelf to store tools (in their storage boxes) and it worked out great for that. When I sell the house the kid who lives down there will use it for a clothes closet. What you plan to store in your closet should be taken into consideration.
  22. I considered a small closet system when I finished my basement a few years ago but went with this instead. Works well for smaller closets.
  23. sjeff70

    Amazon Account

    I abuse Amazon's cart function. I shop on there and stick my desires in the cart. I store ideas in there too. If the desire is still there later when I visit I might buy, if not it stays in my cart until I delete it. I currently have pages of cart desires going back probably 15 years. Yes, I'm sick.
  24. I think so because computers run most of that stuff and hopefully there's more supervision. Lots of shortcuts are made in the field and trades with lesser experience are used to cut corners and save money. If you can limit that you should get a better build.
  25. I remember Tom Silva making that comparison many years ago on This Old House. What I recall most is the foundation/basement R values are much higher out of the box for modular construction. It should be easy to determine if one is better than the other in terms of foundation cracks due to settling.