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  1. Did this building ever have gutters on it to shed away water?
  2. Mr. Miriam, please post photos.
  3. Wish I would've seen this a few months ago. Would have saved me a service call. I was looking for something like this but couldn't find anything on the internet. Google has really gotten bad. Thanks for posting Tom. I'll use this in my new house.
  4. I can't imagine having plywood shipped to my house, especially sight unseen.
  5. That decking looks like pressure treated wood but it looks straight & dry. I didn’t think that was possible. Last time I tried using some of that as a cap on a porch it warped in the sun.
  6. By the time I scan & print & what have you, I could probably just trace them by hand. Not having to depend on technology is very appealing.
  7. I assume most people use Sketchup or the like so it's easy to print templates. I'm interested in period furniture reproduction so design isn't priority and I have a background in mechanical drawing. So I have everything I need. I've been watching a lot of Killenwood on Youtube and he uses templates from Sketchup. I find his content very valuable as there's very little content on building Federal period furniture. So it dawned on me that maybe I could scan and print templates instead of tracing them. Sometimes there can be many of them.
  8. I should probably license this method if it works, as it's uncharted territory. Tracing paper is recommended by some authorities but work if more than one template is needed. Hence the impetus of my inquiry. No harm in buying a scanner and trying it, worse case scenario is returning it. You'd think scanners would have gotten better since the last one I bought in 1999 but based on Amazon reviews not everyone is happy. Isn't manufacturing great. As I've always said what good is money if you can't buy anything good.
  9. Thanks John, have you ever tried it? I couldn't find anything on Google with it being all commercialized now and the reviews on Amazon didn't help.
  10. Does anyone have experience making templates from a set of mechanically drawn, full scale drawings, using a flat-bed scanner? So for instance, you scan a section of the drawing you want to make a template of on a scanner. In theory the scanner will scan at actual size, allowing you to print as may templates as you want. Question really is, will the document once printed out match the exact size of the full scale drawing.
  11. These are the same methods used in Tolpin's book, Measure Twice, Cut Once. I recently picked up a VG used copy for $5.50, shipped.
  12. A lot of people don't want to see side mount slides on certain furniture builds, especially certain period reproduction pieces. Anyone know why Marc wouldn't want to do a Guild project or at least a video showing what goes into building/installing bottom mount slides?
  13. If you ever get around to doing this project, if you could make two I would buy one from you.
  14. A large Duncan Phyfe drum table and a Thomas Seymour tall case clock.
  15. I noticed the same thing. I guess people might think it's needless and boring in a video? It's the same with relative dimensioning. Marc is the only one I've run across who even mentions it. I'm still waiting to run into these subject while I'm going through the entire run of FWW magazine. Story sticks seem to be the ticket.
  16. Youtube probably doesn't help. I think that's where people go for instruction and FB and IG for friends with like interests. I don't think people go to FB to learn. And since people don't talk or look at each other in public, FB and IG are the primary mediums for socializing. Very cruel world in public nowadays. This younger generation has destroyed everything the older generation held dear but I guess this will always be the case.
  17. I consider using dry wood universal in that no matter what kind of wood you use it should be dry. But slab wood contains all grain orientation in one board which would make it seemingly unpredictable. Is this why Cremona mills his boards at least 3 times prior to using them? 'Boards that a person buys from a lumber dealer are just slabs with the wane cut off.' I'm misunderstanding this. If lumber dealers didn't cut with grain orientation in mind, how would people get desired grain patterns or parts that shouldn't move much? If what I learned was more or less incorrect people should be willing to mill their own logs if they don't have to worry about cutting up a log with grain orientation in mind. What a hassle (!) and less waste. I apologize to Woodworking_Hobby for derailing his thread.
  18. No that was my question. So is the purpose of using plain, quarter, rift, etc., for appearance only? I thought there were stability issues with using slab wood to build furniture. That's why it wasn't advisable to build furniture from say, an Alaskan Saw mill... that's what I was told from this group several years ago.
  19. You can tell Matt's built 1 or 2 projects by watching his tooling and manhandling of wood. He built that serpentine chest with slab wood. This can't be advisable, am I missing something?
  20. We all get different advertising depending on where we've been on the internet.
  21. That would make good business sense for SS to take that approach. I think there's more to Musk than his cars. I don't believe anything the media puts out without fact checking (propaganda).
  22. Yea I thought everyone went Facebook, specifically the Guild Forum. During its decline Marc suggested forums like these might be dated or something to that affect.
  23. There would have to be competition for SS to dump money into an updated system. I love the idea of making the world better but greed really hampers progress for the spirit of mankind. More Elon Musks would be good.
  24. Separating them into categories is essential if you don't trust a search feature. Some hobbies evolve with age and experience so keeping all issues in some format is probably wise as they will need to be revisited. Question is what categories should be used.
  25. Where did you get the measured drawing/inspiration for your full size drawing?