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  1. Sandvik made nice affordable saws. I think I still have one of the shorter 24"? stair saws. Nice looking collection.
  2. I order tools from Australia a couple times a year. The shipping can be steep, ie. $25, but they arive at my doorstep faster than most things ordered from the west coast US. The orders from AU get air shipped to NYC, then it's just a skip, hop, hop, jump to my house :)
  3. Very nice looking bench there. You should be proud to have built something that will last for decades.
  4. I'm up here on Cape Ann, well almost. You know, the other cape! :) At least the traffic isn't bad for you this time of year. Always brutal here :(
  5. I had a feeling that was the case. Because LV is out of stock, but the cheapest, and Wood Craft has it in stock but are the most $$. I'll place an order with RobC. over the boarder. His price isn't bad and he has them in stock. Plus I'll be helping him to feed all his kids!
  6. I've decided that I would like to add the #16000 Shapton Glass Stone to my setup. I realize that there expensive, but why is there huge price variations from vendor to vendor? I've seen the stone listed for as low as $132 to over $200. The accessories are even worse. I've seen the heavy holder selling for $59 to over $100! I know the demand is greater than the supply right now, but, these prices come from the top stores that we all use, and not eBay or shady outfits. Not being familuar with Shapton's prices I'm a little taken back. I often see a difference of maybe 10% on Norton, DMT, Sundries, etc. but what I'me seeing is a HUGE difference. Also, To all of the members who are in the path of Henri, Be Safe!
  7. Seeing that you are just getting started I would suggest purchasing some used/reconditioned vintage planes. There are several reputable online sellers and you would be able to purchase what you need to get started for the price of one premium plane. Then when the others are back in stock you can revisit the idea. If you decide to purchase a LN or LV you could sell the one your replacing for pretty close to the same price you paid for it. Also it will give you the chance to learn how to sharpen and setup a tool without the worries of wrecking it. Not that I would know anything about wrecking a new tool!
  8. Being an artist myself I can relate to how the value of work can vary greatly just based on an artists personality, their ability to smooze with the public, etc. It's why Ansel Adams struggled to make decent money and had to offer workshops until his death. But Peter Lik has galleries around the world and finds suckers to pay him $ 50,000 for one of his prints. Or Thomas Kinkade getting $5,000+ for a painting that was painted by one of his employee's, but it was his idea? WTF. I'd love to pay someone to create my art based on my concepts and and let me keep 80+% of the money. Sam Maloof was a wonderful person, artist, technician, businessman. He was also at the right place at the right time in history to make the most of his talents. I get to see the work of Philip Lowe, John Cameron, and several other furniture makers local to me, and it blows my mind that they also need to teach to survive.
  9. I have these and I'm happy with them.
  10. L.V. has it in rolls. I just ordered some yesterday. I use it inside of a piece of cotton to make a wiping pad/ball for hand applying finishes. For applying wax I sometimes use #0000 steel wool that I dampen with solvent then dip in the paste wax an apply.
  11. I live close enough to L.N. to mail them and have them do it for me. It takes about a week. I was on their website the other day and they now have back saw blades to practice sharpening on. Not cheap, but you get a set of different teeth profiles to practice on. It's definitely a skill worth having.
  12. I also have a pair of Gramercy hold-fast. If you get a set take some sandpaper to the shaft. It will help them grab better in the hole. For the money, there really good.
  13. I don't know if this has been posted already. Even Fall Studios was destroyed by the CA Fires. There's more information on their website.
  14. They also make carving and lettering chisels. They make the Chris Pye Signature Line.