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  1. After a number of emails from Taunton Press advertising there complete archive of all their back issues, I finally caved in. Initially there was a problem with some of the first issues, but the were quick to respond and I had an updat in a couple of days. This is probably the most complete set, it even includes the December 2011 issue. If you like reading old magazines and seeing how things change over the years, this is for you. If you like the magazine and never remember to pick up an issue this is for you. I even found a project that my Uncle had built a long time ago, and now I have it as
  2. The problem with MDF is that it is really heavy. A 3/4" lid will require some major spring hinges to hold it up. I made one similar in size and use 1/2" ply trimmed with 3/4" oak, similar to what you are talking about. My grand kids haven't managed to beat it up yet. You also have to think about it being filled with toys, are you going to want to move it around? It will be twice as heavy with tons in it, and remember to put handles on it.
  3. I really like outdoor living. My problem is no overhead cover. The storage compartments are a nice touch. What type of lumber did you use?
  4. Drirot

    Cherry Lap Desk

    Made from 1 board. 17" wide cherry. The board is cut from the center of the tree. The board was from a veneer mill, and the face is where the tree splits in half. A very unique board 17" wide and 16' long for $2, yes $2.
  5. Drirot

    Bathroom Vanity

  6. Drirot

    Toy box

    Made this for my Grandkids. White oak, with red oak panels, and top.
  7. Drirot

    Piano Roll Cabinet Closed.jpg

    I had given my wife a player piano for Christmas, she can play, I can only pump. I had bought the door frames at a furniture company scrap sale several years prior for $2, and awaited for a project to fit them. We started collecting piano rolls (350 shown here), and I needed somewhere to put them. Problem solved, use the door frames and build a cabinet around them. My father was surprised at the outcome, because I had used his old Sears radial arm saw to make it. He was astonished that it actually turned out square. I did make much more with that saw, it was a major hassle to keep square.
  8. Drirot

    Piano Roll Cabinet.

    Interesting story behind this.
  9. Drirot

    Chip Carved Plate.jpg

    First and only attempt at chip carving. This was for our Anniversary. Maybe I will try chip carving someday.
  10. Drirot

    Mouse House.jpg

    Project was for my wife's mouse collection. This was an experiment to see what I could build from 1 board, I had around 1" left of a cherry board. The backing is ply.
  11. Drirot

    Miscellaneous Projects

    Various Small Projects
  12. Drirot

    Control Center 1.jpg

    This project was commissioned by the Scottish Rite Cathedral in Indianapolis. They needed a compact storage unit to hold their lighting control system for their theater. A large and small version were made from White Oak, and Red Oak Ply. The lid had to be lightweight, but sturdy. That is why the panel construction. The problem with being lightweight, and almost 5' long the top wanted to sag, so a curved brace/glide in the center was used. It was an interesting project, because of the space constraints, The operator had to be able to see the stage. The restricted how far back from the wall it
  13. This really a nice desingn. I like the idea of showing small components, and techniques, that can be put together, or modified for personal projects. Maybe even a library of concepts, would be really interesting. Think of it as a repository of ideas and designs, almost like going to the store and looking for projects or hardware, a person could sort through a plethora of videos, and images for ideas. This might even be an interesting DVD with a lesson chapters for each one.
  14. I think it should be something that would make a good Christmas present. High end or low end, it doesn't make a difference. What I see happening is that with each guild project, we will trying to come up with another project. At sometime we will end up running out of ideas, and that fewer and fewer members will want to participate. I find that this usually what ends up happening. Not everyone needed a new Chest of Drawers, so those members didn't participate. This will happen over and over again, I haven't any idea as to getting around the situation. Just had a thought, get everyone on