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  1. JohnDi

    Dosch miter trimmer

    Welcome to the forum!
  2. JohnDi

    The Dream Guild Project

    I'd like to see Marc, Shannon, and Matt collaborate on a project.
  3. JohnDi

    Catching up

    Like the flag holder you made. LOML could use 2. why didn't you post this before her B-Day :):):)
  4. Beautiful work Steve. Your attention to detail is inspiring.
  5. JohnDi

    Making a glue joint.

    Trace the shape of the piece where you will be clamping and use a jig saw to cut the shape on to a square piece of stock. Use the flat edge of the stock to keep your clamps square. a bit of a PITA but gives you equal clamping pressure all along the glue joint.
  6. JohnDi

    Fixing fine scratches

    Give Howard's bees wax and orange oil blend a try. I've used it a few times and it took care of light scratches.
  7. JohnDi

    Machinist's Tool Chest

    Gertsner sells the hardware for their boxes on their site if you wanted to replicate the look of their box.
  8. JohnDi

    Baby Boat

    Amazing work. Thanks for taking us along.
  9. JohnDi

    First pair of parallel clamps? Which to buy?

    Harry Epstein has 36" Dubuque's for $25.00 i might try a few myself. i know Paul sellers has a video of how to strengthen the bar.
  10. JohnDi

    Refinish help

    Oxalic acid .
  11. Has anyone ever restored/reconditioned the leather handle on an old Estwing claw hammer? i have one that the leather rings are getting loose and was wondering if there is a way to get them tightened and maybe condition the leather? Thanks
  12. JohnDi

    ARM R seal

    Never waited longer than 24 hours and I've never had a problem
  13. JohnDi

    New host for Rough Cuts.....

    I agree. Whoever planned the NYW episodes did so in a way that made me feel like I could build the project they showed, and Tommy's builds felt like I was just watching someone else build furniture.
  14. JohnDi

    Nothing fancy, but

    Nice design! Is that Walnut? please post pics with finish applied. LOML wants me to builds a bed and I might steal your design
  15. JohnDi

    New host for Rough Cuts.....

    It was on PBS in Phila. Yesterday and I just missed it. I'm looking forward to checking it out.