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  1. You might want to try posting on that’s a forum for enthusiasts of old wood working machines made in the USA.
  2. Wait.... there’s a frame?
  3. Make great little scrapers when attached to a dowel or handle.
  4. JohnDi


    Welcome to the forum! Lots of nice people and good advice here.
  5. Wow! That''s a piece of art. Beautiful
  6. Great score! I agree, you won’t know you missed it until you start using it.
  7. Thanks for the kind words. Coop, no stools for me, he and his girlfriend have them picked out to buy.
  8. My son recently got his own apartment and did not have a kitchen table. When my wife and I went over and I looked at the space in his kitchen I “saw” this table in my head. This is the first time I have built a pedestal table and is based off others that I have seen and liked. the wood for the base is from the Water Department, they were doing a project behind where I work, and when finished they had a stack of timbers that were 10’ long and about 9” wide and 5” thick. I asked the project foreman what type of wood they were and he didn’t know but said that they were not pressure treated a
  9. I was able to snag some items from Lee Valley on Cyber Monday this year. Cross cut tenon saw, router plane, and marking gauge. went to the site before work on Monday and was surprised that many items were still in stock.
  10. I have no experience with the grizzly, but got to use a Hammer combo J/P recently and was very impressed with how easy the changeover was. For me the 12” jointer was an eye opener. That will be my next tool purchase.
  11. Thanks for posting. I've been debating about buying a LN plane and I think you just made up my mind.
  12. Thanks for all the encouragement. I have to figure out how to add pics from my phone. By the way, not to preach but.... Go get checked! I had ZERO symptoms. Most guys avoid the urologist because of the exam but it probably saved my life. The biopsy showed low grade tumor. The report on the prostate after surgery showed a more aggressive type of tumor.
  13. Last week I got to fulfill something on my bucket list. I was able to spend a week taking a class with Chuck Bender working on a Massachusetts serpentine chest. Last August I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and when the shock wore off, the only thing that I could think that I would like to do would be to take a woodworking class with a professional. Thankfully surgery went well, and after 2 check ups since, no more cancer. While I was home recuperating I stumbled upon Chucks blog and saw that he had moved back to Jim Thorpe Pa. and was offering classes. The minute I saw the
  14. I'm really enjoying this build. Can't wait to see more. sorry about your friend.