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  1. I'm in NE Philly . Still a newbie. Would love to be part of the meet up.

    Buying lumber from a guy named Mike in Morrisville right near Oxford valley mall. Found him on this forum. Has tons of quality wood at very reasonable prices. Has about a dozen storage containers on his property filled with domestics and exotics. Will try to find thread and post his info.

  2. Just left HD and had to walk through tools of course. Looks like they are discontinuing the TS 4615. Brand new in box has yellow shelf sticker for $348.00. Wish I didn't just buy my used 3615 for same price on CL.

    Don't know if this is everywhere or just my HD. I live in NE Phila.

  3. I finished with the Zinsers unwaxed shellac, followed by Arm-r-seal satin. For some reason I have always been afraid to use shellac, but when I tested shellac under arn-r-seal on the bottom I couldn't believe the amount of depth it brought out of the grain. I only have one coat of arm-r-seal on so far. I'll post pics after the third coat dries.

    Thanks for all of the advice and helping me discover how good a coat of shellac can look.

  4. This probably sounds really stupid, but : I'm new to woodworking and hand tools. Which way do you put the blade/iron back in a hand plane?

    I thought that the bevel went up, but looks like the ones pictured in catalogs have the bevel down.

    Then there are planes on the next page of catalog called "bevel up" planes. Is there really a difference? how do I know which kind I have. It's an old craftsman that I inherited .

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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  5. I'm building a shaker night stand from red cherry and need some advice for finishing it. I don't have much experience with furniture yet. I was thinking arm-r-seal satin to bring out the grain and protect it. Is that enough?

    Do I need to coat with shellac first? Maybe sanding sealer?

  6. Just finished a hall table from solid walnut and had the same concerns. Tried Minwax tung oil finish and Arm-R-Seal satin on some samples. Couldn't decide and went with Arm-R-Seal.

    It came out BEAUTIFUL. popped the grain perfectly.