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  1. That's quarter sawn white oak.

    Do a google search for finishing quarter sawn white oak.

    There a quite a few ways to "pop the grain", including an excellent one by our host on the Wood Whisperer site.

  2. I believe that there was a thread here not long ago about this product.

    If I remember correctly, the guy that invented it replied as well.

    My search skills are terrible, but try a search on the forum.


    That Uncle's house was just a quarter mile from where I95 is, a few miles South of the Virgina line.  95 was under construction, and all graded out red dirt, but no gravel anywhere except near the bridges that had already been built.  They decided to take me to 95, where I had more room to learn how to drive the go-kart.  I was probably one of the first people to speed on 95, and went there for a number of weekends.  They did end up putting the largest chainsaw clutches on it, but it would wear them out fairly quickly.

    Tom, when they were building I-95 in Phila. And I was a kid, we used to ride our dirt bikes on the large mounds of fill they piled up. One day we followed a construction path and lo and behold they had just poured about 2 miles of roadway.

    Pegged the speedometer at 70 and to this day swear I was flying.

    thanks for reminding me of that.

  4. First car I bought was a '66 ford thunderbird when I was 17. Bought it from our elderly next door neighbor with low miles. Sooo many people told me to put it in the garage on blocks and hold onto it.

    traded it in on a '77 Z28 when Chevy started making them again.


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