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  1. Has anyone ever restored/reconditioned the leather handle on an old Estwing claw hammer? i have one that the leather rings are getting loose and was wondering if there is a way to get them tightened and maybe condition the leather? Thanks
  2. JohnDi

    ARM R seal

    Never waited longer than 24 hours and I've never had a problem
  3. I agree. Whoever planned the NYW episodes did so in a way that made me feel like I could build the project they showed, and Tommy's builds felt like I was just watching someone else build furniture.
  4. Spent the last few days removing and replacing my back basement wall.
  5. Nice design! Is that Walnut? please post pics with finish applied. LOML wants me to builds a bed and I might steal your design
  6. It was on PBS in Phila. Yesterday and I just missed it. I'm looking forward to checking it out.
  7. I have bolted to a 2 x 10 with a board screwed across the front, sort of like a bench hook. find it easier to clamp the board than the base of the grinder.
  8. This is one of the better ones I have found
  9. Began grabbing these when I see them for sale. the most common issue is the wood handles are loose. anyone have any luck with a method to fix? thanks
  10. I have always used a vinegar bath to remove rust from old tools. Started when a saw a video about how to clean up saw plates. Always saw Evaporust mentioned but figured at $2.00 a gallon vinegar was cheap enough. Sprung for a gallon of Evaporust and man what a difference. Cuts time immensely and the flash rust is a breeze to get off with a brass wheel on the grinder. I'm sure lots of folks here use it, but wanted to post for anyone like me that thought because vinegar was so cheap that was all they needed. maybe it was the tools I tried it on, but hardly any staining and the metal shines. just my .02.
  11. Is there a method for cleaning up the "staining" on old iron? most of the tools come out of either vinegar or evaporust with areas of discoloration that doesn't come off even after hitting them with a brass wire wheel on the bench grinder.
  12. Yikes, my holly is a baby compared to those. didn't think I would yield much even if I'm successful, but this was my wife's favorite and I think that if I can get a small amount of useful wood, I would use it as an accent on small jewelry box for her, and she'll always have a part of "her" tree. thanks for the replies.
  13. I have seen and read that holly is used for stringing. We just got about a foot of wet snow and our holly tree/bush couldn't take the weight and was uprooted. the trunk is about 3" thick. Is this the type of holly that is used, and could I save this for stringing? thanks
  14. Curious how the rustoleom worked? i generally use a vinegar bath with modest results.
  15. +1 to leave the thread and show us more.
  16. I will say this. Hang in there. What you are going through now and learning why it happens and how to correct it will pay dividends as you build your skill set. yes the quality of your tooling matters, but even an expensive machine that is not set up properly will not give you the results you are looking for. there is a wealth of knowledge here from people that will not judge you because you ask a "beginner" question. One of my frustrations starting out was the lack of instant gratification. You watch someone on YouTube and think that's how it's going to go for you. Except they have done it hundreds of times. patience, and perseverance. The principals of how to set up and use your tools will apply to every tool you buy in the future. It will also help inform your decision about what tools to buy in the future.
  17. I find his channel pretty interesting as he works in a lot of different mediums. Don't think he ever claimed to be a "fine" woodworker, but more of a practical one. The guy seems to be really creative. he mentioned In a previous video that he wanted to start a business selling farm house tables, so this one may have been a prototype or just a way to generate interest for people to buy his stuff.
  18. Is your wife going to use the counter top for prep? If so I would suggest some type of maple butcher block counter. I wouldn't use any finish if she plans to use a dough cutter on it as the chopping and scraping will just destroy it constantly . my bench top is a butcher block table top that came out of a bakery and is a snap to rejuvenate with a #80 scraper every so often.
  19. I use a big old tackle box that has lots of dividers on the trays that I found at a yard sale years ago.
  20. That's a great looking shop. Wish I had all that space.
  21. Warm water with some Dawn dish detergent and a gray scotchbright should take the paint drops off. be patient and don't scrub too hard. +1 on mineral spirits for the grease.
  22. Does your friend sell his work? my wife loves owls and Christmas is coming. pm me if he would sell one. and either way YOU SUCK for getting that maple. welcome to the forum.
  23. JohnDi


    Do your best to get them all out before you seal the hole. They'll try to get out through any penetration in the living space of the house. in my last house I skipped that part :0. Sealed the hole. It was opposite my laundry room with a light fixture over the washer with a pull chain. Came down to make coffee next morning and in the kitchen I could here a loud hum coming from the basement. went down and almost sh&t myself. the string on the pull chain looked like a thick moving rope. About a 2" thick column of bees. My reaction would have made a great 3 stooges scene.