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  1. I agree that a better blade would improve your results. James, PM me your address . I recently got some new 10" carbide tipped blades at an auction. i would be happy to send them to you (free) to help you along.
  2. Looks nice. What did you use to anchor the panels to the concrete?
  3. Can check when I get home ,but it happened to me awhile ago. i think that it was because when changing from the belt to the spindle I forgot to put the washer below the spindle?
  4. JohnDi

    Ray flecks

    Thanks if I can talk him out of a slab or two, I'll post pics.
  5. JohnDi

    Ray flecks

    Are ray flecks unique to white oak? a friend has some 12/4 rough sawn boards but is not sure what species they are. quite a few do have ray flecks and I wondered if that would help identify them as white oak? Thanks
  6. For wiping I would recommend old cotton T-Shirts.
  7. The mistakes to avoid through the advice of others can be very useful, but what you learn from your own mistakes will be invaluable .
  8. I have that saw under a different name. Paid $60.00 for ie and thought I stole it. Not so much. All of the parts are pot metal. Difficult to tension blade. I know it sounds like a deal, but be prepared for aggravation if you get it.
  9. I love the design too. Would be really interested in following along if you did a journal. One question on legs. It looks like they don't intersect and wonder if racking would be an issue if the only points of attachment is to the rails?
  10. +1 for the reciprocating saw, also the corded multi tool has worked well for me. nitrile gloves, foam brushes, and like others have said, disposables. Stay away from the squeeze clamps and most of the power tools. I bought a 7 1/4" circular saw that I used once and threw in the recycling bin.
  11. Thanks. I'll wait until I can get the ply. Really don't want to risk problems down the road.
  12. Sorry should have been more clear. I meant the tops of the individual units.
  13. Building the bookcase and just finished the side panels. Even though I watched the videos numerous times, just realized Marc uses plywood for the tops because of wood movement concerns. I don't have the ply but do have plenty of hardwood (Sapele) that I could use. since the pieces are only about 5" wide, is it an absolute no no to use solid wood? Would pocket screws with no glue solve the problem? Walnut ply not in the budget at the moment☹️
  14. +1 for the 735 with infeed and outfeed tables. Especially if you won't have a dc set up. You can attach a bag directly to the dust port and the blower will take care of the rest.
  15. I like the columns too. this is evolving into a work of art. keep it up, can't wait to see the finished project .
  16. Looks to me like you may have stumbled across a business opportunity!
  17. JohnDi


    I don't have the dry heat you have ( I'm in Phila.), but if you store them wet, put a little bleach in the water to prevent mold. AMHIK.
  18. +1 for tapering the legs. If you're already glued up, this would be a good time to learn how to use a hand plane. Good looking table, and nice first project!
  19. I bought 2 sheets of cherry ply there. Sort of old school type place where you have to go to the office and talk to the sales guy and tell him what you are looking for. They were very nice, but I could tell they weren't used to dealing with small orders.
  20. Not sure where in philly you are, but you could try Marjam on State road
  21. I use our old upright each time we get a new vacuum. Figure if I damage it, no loss. Keep it in the laundry room next to the garage. It doesn't use a bag, and on the tallest setting, I can go over the fatigue mats without them getting sucked up. The handle can lay flat and gets under most stuff in the shop.
  22. Best advice: mill extra stock to make set ups.
  23. Unless you plane both sides so that they are Coplaner before running the piece through the table saw, your cuts will not be Coplaner . if you are ripping the pieces, it is not difficult to hand plane the small amount left by the hand saw. If you are cross cutting (again, both sides must be Coplaner ) you could use a really sharp chisel or a really sharp block plane to pare across the grain to get rid of the wood left because of the difference in the kerfs.
  24. They look great. You're gonna be damn proud every time you look at that piece!
  25. Google Patrick's Blood and Gore. Everything you ever wanted to know about Stanley dating.