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  1. That's great news! I'm with you, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for my little guy.
  2. Great video . keep 'em coming!
  3. Are you going to pocket screw the sides and back to the legs? you said that they are just "wedged" or will the panels be in dados in the rails?
  4. I say use the piece you bought for the project. you don't want to be looking at the rocker and asking yourself what if....
  5. Even IF the humidifier did some good, and you were able to join the two pieces mechanically somehow, the wood will still want to move and will probably crack somewhere else. I'm sure it will be heartbreaking, but it's time to take it out and start over. Chalk it up to a lesson learned about who to hire.
  6. THAT is a beautiful table!!!
  7. If you saw the pile it was behind.........
  8. Starting the Barristers bookcase and didn't buy any 8/4 stock. Then I'm thinking what a PITA it's going to be to grain match glue ups for the legs. Today I decide its shop clean up and organize day. Go through the scrap bin, and standing right next to it I find two 3 ft. 8/4 pieces of straight grained walnut, three cuttings boards that I made, and a few 4/4 pieces of walnut. Don't remember saving any of it?
  9. check out Paul Sellers videos, he shows how to make a simple scratch stock.
  10. I need an arborist friend ?
  11. Count me in as a convert after watching the Bombe build. His skill set is top notch and his attention to detail is amazing. the Bombe build also gives you a better sense of his real personality since he's not forced to finish a project in a 23 minute edited timeframe.
  12. If I'm understanding what you are trying to do, hanger bolts at the corners wouldn't provide enough support. a rabbet or dado on the sides of the panels would support the frame better. how are you going to support the top frame?
  13. Is there a way to possibly adjust the bed of the planer ? about the 735, I went from a Delta 22-560 to the 735 and was amazed. Unless I hit the lottery, it will be the last planer I ever need.
  14. For me the biggest one is my band saw, but also a quality marking knife, and a quality combo square.
  15. I'm afraid you know the answer already. As much as it sucks, is it really worth the risk of not killing them all? Get it away from the house and the shop before you have a bigger infestation that will give you problems down the road.
  16. My shop is my garage so space is limited. No room for a lumber rack. I have a Rubbermaid 7x7 shed that is weather proof (occasionally not mouse proof) and was considering storing my lumber in it. I think I heard Shannon say on WTO that he keeps his lumber in a shed, and Norm built one for the same purpose. Does anyone here do the same? Does it need to be stickered? Any pitfalls to be aware of? All of my lumber is KD. Just worry about seasonal changes around here, extreme cold in winter, and it gets hot as heck in there in the summer. Thanks
  17. I have the same lathe. I take off the spur, tap it onto the workpiece , and mount the spur and workpiece back onto lathe . only way I can get it to bite enough.
  18. +1 For backwards blade. If all else fails, you could use a straight edge and a sharp utility knife to score your lines before you cut them on the saw.
  19. Just my .02 be patient! Your shop will evolve. Decide what you want to build and you will find out what tools you are going to need as you go. Don't be tempted to buy used tools that are "projects" themselves. The time you spend fussing with machines that need work is less time you will spend building and lead to results that are less than the results you want and lead to frustration. As you determine what tools you need, buy quality, even used. Better to buy one quality tool at a time than to try to get "everything" you think you might need at once because they're cheap. Patience is the key to buying from CL. Keep looking and eventually you'll find what you are looking for. Buy tools that YOU need, not what you see Norm and others using. Let your work determine what tools are needed in your shop.
  20. That looks like a great set up. I have a question about your router. I have the same model. Doesn't look like you are using a lift. Are you able to make height adjustments from above the table?
  21. Don't forget, Paul Sellers has been using a hand plane for his entire life. The guy has hands of gold. Marc has been at this quite awhile as well and has honed his skills to a very high level. Practice , patience, and machine set up are all critical to success and not being frustrated.
  22. Start building plane tills now. And saw tills. And Evaporust. Ask me how I know:)