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  1. Nobody mentioned Marc's video. Pop goes the maple will give you some excellent guidance.
  2. Spent the afternoon breaking down 8/4 stock on the table saw. Used the shop vac for dust collection as usual. Turns out my wife bought a new filter for the shop vac and installed it herself. Never put on the screw cap that holds on the filter. EVERY bit of dust from the table saw went right out the discharge of the vac. Every square inch of the garage and everything in it is covered is sapele dust.
  3. Would hand screws work for your application? Could grab HF models for now and wait for black Friday sales fornthe parallel clamps.
  4. My problem is I feel the same way about every single piece in my scrap bin.
  5. Go online for the coupon. You can use your phone at the register to scan the coupon. Funny you said Oregon Ave HD, I work right across the street.
  6. Not sure where in phila you are, I live near Franklin Mills HF and work in S.Philly. Could grab one for you if you wanted. Don't forget the 20% coupon if you go HF.
  7. I grew up on Norm and NYW. Say what you want, but he led me here.
  8. For those around phila area Just received an email about more clearance hardwoods Google Alan mcilvain in Marcus hook pa Look for clearance list
  9. The BORG sells T & G cedar boards for lining closets. I used those on the bottom of a chest ala Norm.
  10. If they are stanleys go to Patrick's blood and gore site. Excellent resource for stanleys.
  11. My first large qty too. Now I have to figure out where I'm going to store it. Next time he has this sale I'll be bringing a truck.
  12. Actually the sapele I got was 8/4 and I didn't even realize it until I was moving it into the garage. He had tons of 8/4 in all kinds of species. He said he would post the next sale on his web site with a list of what's available.
  13. If you're in philly area GO! 95 bf of African mahogany $1.54 bf 6/4 Sapele 6/4 $2.25 bf Tons of hardwoods, lots of oak. Selling in bundles that are already strapped. Not a lot of walnut though. I bought the 95 bf of mahogany and about 100bf of the sapele for $270.00. Who's gonna tell my wife when the CC bill comes in?
  14. What do you guys think? I was thinking about taking a ride tomorrow to check it out.
  15. Try Mike Quinn. He's in Yardley right near the Oxford Valley mall / Sesame Place. Nice guy, lots of variety, reasonable prices. Only takes cash. 215-493-6252
  16. Thanks everyone. This forum and it's members encouragement and comradarie keep me motivated. Brendon, for the rosette I used a rosette cutter from MLCS on the drill press.
  17. Posted this in project journal thread also. Sorry for the crappy pics. From NYW plans. This is about the 10th piece of furniture I built, but this one made me feel like I could say I am a woodworker.
  18. Thanks for all of the compliments. It's DONE. 5 coats of arm r seal satin.
  19. Starting to build a finish. The curly grain is drinking the arm r seal.
  20. First 2 coats of arm r seal. The top has darkened more than I expected around the curly grain. Looks a lot darker in pics because of lighting. New lessons in grain matching learned.
  21. Base glued up. Now I have to wait for UPS to deliver the darn Arm R Seal.
  22. I don't think there is a program, but if you decide to start one, call me. I'll be a charter member.
  23. Here's a pic of the M & T. They don't look as bad as I thought when I was cutting them.
  24. The joints between the rails and the legs is mortise and tenon. I made the rails extra long anticipating some trial and error, and man that was a life saver. Found out quickly just how good norm is. Ended up having to hand cut the tenons. Finding the angle for the tenons was a real PITA. But I learned a lot about layout and sawing to a line. also that I need to either have my saws sharpened or buy a good tenon saw. Lots of firsts for me on this one. Learned how to (almost) use a spokeshave to refine the legs off the bandsaw. My HCM handle snapped the roll pin cutting the next to last mortise and I had to hand cut the last mortise by hand. I have immense respect for the hand tool guys. When I break it down to sand I'll post a few pics of the tenons.
  25. Curved rails. Really exciting when they came off the form. After jointing one edge and cutting to 3" on the TS and jointing the sawn side they met the top for the first time. Norms plans called for a thinner curved rail with a rounded over piece cut to the same radius and attached to the bottom of the rail. I made the rails wider and put a bead on both the top and bottom of the rails. Also have always liked the look of rosettes. Decided to put a rosette at the top of each leg. This is where I'm at. Need to break the edges on the legs and do a final sanding before glue up and finish. Going with arm-r-seal satin