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  1. thats a great point i hadnt considered. being a hobbyist, Im sure id be fine with the delta 6" i have but I wish i had someone nearby that could show me how to set it up properly. my technique could probably use an overhaul too. im learning though
  2. i have a long bed delta 6" now but its needs to be setup correctly... unfortunately I'm a trial and error kind of guy.. try to learn as i go and pick up what i can online... I'm looking at upgrading my planer and my jointer and considered this as an option that would work for both and save some space.. but i think I may be leaning towards a nice planer instead
  3. anyone have this? my only reservation is that the guard exposes the blade after the board passes through. seems kind of gimmicky as well but I trust Jet innovations and seems like a great price for a 12" jointer. If not this one what do you have and why do you like it?
  4. are there any adverse effects or things to consider when milling lumber in 30 degree (F) weather?
  5. these panels seem to be holding up and ill be assembling the case in the next few days... still working on design elements as i go but its coming together. as for finish, ill be doing a greywash technique my wife found so ill let you guys know how that goes.
  6. bench? whats a bench? i have a tablesaw top and a garage floor.... lol building my shop next year THEN i build a bench. uber-excited
  7. all great tips... one more question though, how should i store my panels before assembly? lying down? stacked leaning against a wall? does it matter?
  8. Making another dresser, this time out of Poplar. Ive found that my panels, if left for a day or two, tend to bow badly. Is this normal or should I be doing something to prevent this?
  9. i have a rockler glue brush that i currently use but it takes too long for the glue to dry well enough to pull it all out at once, average 3 days, so id like to try a roller to spread glue with.... would a rubber or silicone roller be better?
  10. ok... to clarify... the picture is of my tv stand that im trying to replicate with the new dresser build.....
  11. thatd be fine but my solid poplar panels are already prepared for the next step.....
  12. im talking about the way the sides join to the top and (in this case) the bottom would it be beneficial to just biscuit join it or use dowels? or dado in the sides? just looking for suggestions... as for wood movement, its something i always consider but to me if the bottom moves, the top probably will as well thus making the case itself longer simultaneously which doesnt seem to pose any problems to me..... but again just looking for the strongest joint option for the sides to the bottom
  13. im taking a little inspiration from my tv stand (store bought) to make my daughter a dresser. however, im still fairly new to woodworking so id like your opinions on how to make this a strong joint for my build. i like the idea of the exposed bottom lip but Im not sure a butt joint is strong enough.. i considered a sliding dovetail but 1) ive never done one before and 2) we (my wife) doesn't want it exposed on the front suggestions? p.s. i see now i need to dust more often the flash really brought it out
  14. I know he mentioned it in a video before but I cant find it. Ive had a good time re-watching a bunch of videos looking for it though. I'm referring to the one with the handle on it... not a card scraper. any help is much appreciated.