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  1. Hello guys, I wanted to show you my last job. I built a mini carpenter workbench. maybe for many it is nothing special but for me that I work in the garage and I have little space it allows me to do carpentry work with more precision but important to be able to use the plane. You can rest it on the bench and fix it with bench vises I hope you like it for the moment I'm satisfied. This the video walktrought https://youtu.be/6Fodk-yAW7M
  2. Hi friends, it's time to change the the fence, because as you know it is the weak point of this bench saw. Browsing on the web I saw many solutions and tried to make a summary and this is the result. Maybe it is not very nice to look at but it is very precise and functional and certainly more secure and stable than the original. https://youtu.be/3mn12rSA26Q
  3. Hi Guys, I had some free time and so for my wife I built a new kneading board because the old board was still from her mom and it was now worn out. I used beech scrapwood glue Titebond 3 and oenological vaseline oil. I insert the link for the video.
  4. Hi guys, to preserve my hearing I build this silencer box for my 24lt air compressor. https://youtu.be/kIggZZgOl2s
  5. Hi guys, Finally I got it. It's not much cheap. Now I'm happy. Sorry for my bad English.