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  1. Business is good man, I cannot complain. I was 12 weeks out at one point this year. It has been a rough go up here the last few years, but it looks like things are finally coming back a bit. I am mostly doing high end/custom work and it seems that there is always a market for that. The problem is that the jobs that pay the bills are no longer attainable because of the guys who have no problem workin for pennies a day or lets face it there just plain hacks.
  2. Hey guys, I am a long time lurker and finally put the time into registering. I am a big Wood Whisperer fan, Wood Talk Online and overall love this forum. I look forward to sharing my projects with you guys and hopefully contribute what I can. My company specializes in Custom woodworking such as Staircases, Custom cabinetry, Built ins and Custom Furniture. If you guys wood like to follow my jobs in a bit more depth please check out my blog at or my website at