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    I'd love to learn how to make all kinds of things out of wood, but especially small, high-quality boxes (I think they're called heirloom boxes?) and things with utility like racks, hangers, and other things I can put up in my apartment. And things I can gift.
  1. Thanks Bobby. I definitely haven't ruled Cerritos out.
  2. Thank you guys for telling me about William Ng! That was exactly what I was looking for. It's not very close to me, but it seems much more dense than a college course. He also teaches a class on boxes, which I'm very interested in. And the fundamentals class in January starts on a wednesday so I'd only have to take 3 days off. If I can get that time off this is perfect!
  3. Hey everyone. I'm an absolute beginner and I'm looking for a place where I can take classes at night or on the weekends near Los Angeles, CA (or Corona, CA as I head that way fairly regularly on the weekends). I know Cerritos College offers woodworking courses, but I'm looking for something a little closer to where I live and a little more fast paced than college courses (I'd rather not have to wait until the end of the semester or summer if I'm ready to move on to another subject, tool, project, etc). Thanks!
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    Oh and turning. I don't know why but using a lathe looks so fun!
  5. willurd


    Hey everyone! My name is William. I'm 26 and I live in Los Angeles. I became interested in woodworking recently and have been watching a ton of videos (YouTube, The Wood Whisperer, etc). I've been trying to find a place where I can get someone to teach me woodworking but I haven't had much luck. I know that Cerritos College has a pretty extensive course offering in woodworking, which is awesome, but I'd much prefer something closer to where I live and a little more accelerated than college courses; I typically learn pretty quickly and I always found school a little slow. Also, I live in a pret