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  1. You say the attack is still going on? What is the outlook on stopping it? I'll gladly support your cause...I need my Whisper Time!
  2. Boatworks, I have almost brewed my legal limit of 100 gallons this winter. I have about 50g left; everything from light pilsner to oatmeal stout. If you're ever around Dallas look me up - I always appreciate feedback on my brews. duckkisser, I was able to convince my wife that I need this in our dining room, and the condition was only if I build a matching dining room table for her. I also have to get my 5 gallon kegs out of the garage fridge so she can store extra groceries out there. For now it will be against a wall and not an actual "bar" that you serve over, but walk "up to" and self
  3. I am currently building a "keezer" (google it) and wanted to use walnut. I went to the lumber yard to pick out about 50 BF and couldn't find enough wide boards in walnut so I started looking at the african mahogany. It was $1 BF less than walnut and a better selection of boards. I picked up this 20" wide 4/4 slab while digging around. My keezer project does not require anything this wide, so I need some suggestions on what project would best use this WIDE board... I need to build a dining table that will be in the same room as the keezer, so I may use it there.
  4. Welcome! I'm also in Texas, Rockwall to be exact.
  5. Lowe's has this saw on sale for $399.00: http://www.lowes.com/ProductDisplay?productId=3107745&storeId=10151&langId=-1&catalogId=10051 I have a 10" delta that I have had for many years but it has been causing me a lot of headaches lately. I just bought this today after reading some of the online reviews (all positive). It looks to be a great price for the features and I even saved an additional 10% by buying a coupon from http://www.ecrater.com/ . The coupon cost $1.99 and was emailed to me in under 6 hours. It saved me $39.90 and I was out the door for $388.73. Is thi
  6. I had a little trouble with the square plugs breaking when inserting and I believe they took me the longest to make. These chairs started at 8/4 cypress with purple heart plugs. I finished with a seal coat of shellac and covered with 2 coats of (50%) thinned epifanes clear. Thanks for the build Marc - it was very rewarding! See more of the progress and my cramped garage shop here: https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink
  7. t3e871

    earlex 5500

    I just ordered this unit from Highland woodworking. $319 with the extra needle that was the best deal on the interweb. I was planning on using it for waterbased finishes only, but my guild build chairs are going to be finished with epifanes. I'm sure I can clean the gun but I'm a little anal and was wondering if I should get a seperate gun for water based finishes? If so, are there any places that sells just the gun?
  8. I saw someone mention an interior door, but I like the idea of building a solid wood front door. I have one now, but it needs refinishing due to the peeling helmsman.
  9. Nice..I just put the slots in my two chairs this morning, but I may add the extra cloud lifts on the apron and the side legs. I really like these alternates, Thanks Aaron! Rob
  10. Marc, What is the official "end of summer" date that I need to have this chair finished to be eligible for the Festool sander? I'm making two so if I start running out of time, I might drop one of them.
  11. I have been getting my wood from Wood World in north dallas, but they have limited selection and is very expensive. I have found three dealers on the internet: Prime Hardwoods, Central Hardwoods, and Hardwood Lumber Co. Does anyone have personal experience with these or a reputable dealer near Dallas? Rob
  12. I'm interested in a 20 to 30 BF of each 4/4 and 8/4. I travel to Waco and surrounding areas every couple of weeks. post some pics...and what is pecan good for generally?
  13. Just signed in to get a shot at the freebies. I'm a 10 year noob in woodworking, been following the "online" scene for the past year since retiring from the AF. I spent 20 years as and EOD tech...see HURT LOCKER the movie for details. Love the wood whisper community, learning a lot - thanks for everything! Rob D