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  1. how much room do you have height wise? meaning how much lower is the patio in comparison to the door sill. what climate are you located in?
  2. I just made another one of these for a friend to auction off. Made with scraps in my shop so cost was just a nights labor.
  3. you could use the mini pocket screws on the least visible side of the shelf then plug, sand and paint. You should try and open a gap between the back and shelves first to get some glue in there though. You may also need to run a screw in the back and leave it proud so you can get some pliers on it to help pull the back tight. You may want to think about using 1/2" on the backs for next time. It isn't a whole lot more expensive and works out a lot better in my opinion.
  4. use the smallest washer that will hold the bearing on. If you are using a washer that is nearly the size of the bearing it may be contacting both the inner and outer ring on the bearing. Or just take it apart and see what looks like it was metal on metal friction. Scratches ect...
  5. I understand you but I think most guys who don't are going to need a lot more info, pictures, explanations to see the light. Good to see you are still looking to stay in the trade even if its working for someone else. I would love to work for you as I,m sure you could teach me a lot from your experience.
  6. no offense but i wouldn't use that pos if you gave it to me.
  7. I assume you are just a hobbiest woodworker. Keep the cabinet saw. Save up and buy the festool track saw if you want one. If your table saw is never going to leave your garage it should be a cabinet saw plain and simple. If you need to break down plywood have whoever you buy it from cut it down to manageable sizes for you. I have a track saw and rarely use it to break down full sheets of ply for cabinets. To me the track saw isn't all that great for cutting down multiple sheets. I'd rather pay the cabinet shop I get my ply from $80 to chop up 10 sheets on his $30,000 slider. Track saws are ni
  8. do you want to build it nice or build it like the one pictured?
  9. I disagree with thewoodwhisperer guy because no ones else ever does. I mean what's this guy know about the web and social media anyway.
  10. Rj, How about a link to your FB page so we can check it out? Does this mean you elected not to finish school or are you doing both? And by "owning your own business" does that mean it is a legit business? Taxes, insurance and all?
  11. Rj, I think you should just stick with FB for now unless you have ample time to put into building a website. How many pics of your work do you have that you would want to use? My opinion is that you need to constantly update your site as well. Nothing worst than a stale website that looks like it was set up in the 90's and not touched since. Personally I don't have a site or a company facebook page. I'd rather have nothing than some half assed attempt. My biggest reason is time. I just don't have it. From the sounds of your situation you may be better off getting some business cards made
  12. resell it as albino walnut. Very rare.
  13. i think I need you to explain to me how you don't need to have 2 45's to make 90. 44 and 46 make 90 but its not the same. I think tom crawford meant opposing pieces have to be equal lengths to make a rectangle.
  14. check this site out http://topcoatreview.com/category/product-reviews/sprayers/handheldcordless/