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  1. I just got done researching all of these saws. The cast iron wheels are a plus, help to build momentum to power through cuts. They're just clearing out the Anniversary branded saws, but other than that they're no different from the G0555LX, the Anv/LX are actually better than the "Ultimate" for some reason. I actually call them for explanation, they don't have one. I think it's just an older marketing scheme verse a new one. If you have ShopFox dealer in your area you can see what they look like basically by looking at a W1706. I ended up spending more and getting a Rikon, but resawing w
  2. I've watched Marc video too. I think it's great as well. I don't think you really have to choose, there's a lot to learn in both. Alex Snodgrass seems to cover setup for specific use, where Marc covers more new saw setup and basics.
  3. I did watch the Alex Snodgrass video after Canelleri's recommendation and it is excellent. His techniques and explanation of why he employed them really makes a lot more sense than other I've heard. Now if my saw would just show up I could put it all to good use : )
  4. I have the skill 1825, which appears to be a close predecessor of the 1830. I would give it a rating of alright. I also have the Bosch 1617 combo which is an excellent unit. I got the Bosch because the skill just didn't do it for me. I have used the Skil since I got the Bosch, but I will say its not near as solid and the fit and finish aren't even comparable. I would see if you couldn't pick up a Bosch(or similar) on sale somewhere, I think you'd end up with it or something comparable eventually anyway and have the Skil sitting on shelf. Again I cannot reiterate enough how good the Bosch
  5. Alright I pulled the trigger on the Rikon 10-325 today. I just couldn't make anything make sense for the money. I thought maybe the 14-12 might be included in 15% Black Friday sales, but the folks at my local Woodcraft said "NO". Of course they're out of stock since they've sold out them twice this month, so if was the wrong decision at least I've got some company, though everyone seems pretty happy that owns one. Now I'm just waiting for the truck to come in. Thanks for everyones input!
  6. Fitz, I've looked at the Laguna and it does look great, but the Rikon is on sale for $799 and thats what is really putting in my budget. I am kind of waiting to see if the Laguna goes on sale for black Friday, but it's looking more like the Rikon now.
  7. Cancelleri, thats a good point. I took the same approach on my table saw. Got a better hybrid saw vs. a entry level cabinet saw.
  8. I'll say that I really like my Makita 5007MG. Very ergonomic and has never let me down. I use it for sheet goods and general construction type tasks. It's not a worm drive, but it's never been a lacking for power in anyway and I prefer the lighter feel of a sidewinder myself. I would just look at what feels like it's the most comfortable in your hand and go with that. I do use it with guide made from hardboard and strip of hardwood and its a pretty quick and cheap track saw alternative.
  9. Mark, thats a valid question. Here is my thinking. They have a comparable resaw capacity, 12 for the Grizzly, 13 for the Rikon. Close in overall power , similar table size, similar design. Really beside for my list above the only thing that really separates them is the throat capacity, which I don't see as being all that import to me, though I could be wrong. And finally the expense is exactly the same. So that how I got here, but I might be over looking something.
  10. Thanks Cancelleri, That answers one of my question, that I didn't directly ask, about the wheel materials. I thought those two things, motor power vs. wheel momentum, might kind of cancel each other out.
  11. So after some great feedback from the forum here I've narrowed my band saw choices down to 2 models and due to typical woodwork OCD I'm stuck. So I'd like everyones opinion and feedback from owners of either of the saws. Right now due to various sales they would both cost $924 with shipping(or tax) etc. The only difference being that I would get a mobile base for the Rikon at that price and none for the Grizzly. Here are the pros and cons the way I see it. G0513ANV- Pros: 2hp Motor Large Heavy Frame Larger Throat Cons: Needs 220v(which I have, but is really dedicated to
  12. That is rough. As suggested I would definitely keep my eye on craigslist and I know in my area we have a used tools store and they always have motors for around $100, I assume they pull them off tools that are otherwise unrecoverable. Also I know the state of Oklahoma auctions off used machinery, so maybe your state does too. Sorry for your trouble.
  13. @Cancelleri, glad to hear that it's worked well for you. The biggest thing attracting me to it is that for the price I'm not sure it can be beat. The 14/12 Laguna is probably a better saw and the Grizzly Deluxe is probably as good with more power, but they're both $1000+. I think I will probably wait until the Woodcraft Black Friday flyer comes around in the next couple weeks just make sure they don't do a big sale not the laguna or something. I have read the thing about the light and agree that common sense says it should be on the front side. I imagine some marketing guy told the engineer "h
  14. @Particle Board - I see what you're saying and I agree esp. with table height I would ultimately like something at the same height as table saw. I think part of my deal with resawing has come from the fact that I've made it by with a bench top saw for so long and run in to several spots where I want to resaw a 5-9" board, instead of just planing material way that it is why I've focused on it so much. I went by Woodcraft yesterday and looked at the Rikon 14" deluxe model that is on sale for $799. It seems pretty solid and I got actually see it work vs. just looking at it online. FWW kind of pan
  15. @Particle Board that leads me to another idea. There is a Grizzly 17" thats sale price makes it competitive with the 14" market, but has a 2hp 220v motor. Do you think that might be where you'd start to see the difference? The only downside I see is that it has aluminum wheels vs. cast iron.