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  1. I have the Grizzly G0555, which I think is basically the same as yours except not the Polar Bear series. I recently purchased the riser block kit, but haven't installed it quite yet. You're correct that it will increase the resaw capacity from 6" to 12". Basically there's a metal piece that increases the distance of the upper portion of the saw from the saw table. It also comes with a longer blade, which is required since the distance around the wheels is increased with the riser block. There are a few pictures of the installation available on Amazon (link below). The pictures show a Delta saw with the Grizzly riser kit. The kit from Grizzly actually works with several brands of 14" bandsaws from what I understand. I can't personally comment on how well it works since I've yet to install mine, however, the kit gets pretty good reviews from what I've read. There may be some other folks that have installed and used it that can provide more info if necessary. Hope that helps.
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    Jewelry Box

    This is a jewelry box I made for my wife for our 6th anniversay. It is somewhat inspired by the Chest of Drawers Guild Build.