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  1. Hey Tim, I just moved here two and a half weeks ago and started work two Monday's ago. Loving there area already.
  2. This is correct. If you plan on a Rotex 125 or 150 then get the /3 model. They will compliment each other very well. I'll stick by the Rotex 90 for what you're looking for.
  3. Maybe you should consider the Rotex 90 DX. That will be easier on the edges and will be far more useful overall.
  4. An ETS150 will do the trick. Although, you'll have to choose between the /3 or /5. I have a Rotex 150 to do the heavy sanding and then I finish up with the ETS150/3. If you only want one sander, the /5 will be your best bet. As for buying Festool, you can go a couple of ways. If you want to speed up joinery, go for the Domino because it's just awesome. If you want a better finishing experience then a sander is a good call. You'll need a dust extractor for it like you were talking about or it won't be any fun. They TS55 will always be a great first Festool because it is a joy to use, but if
  5. Domino is probably my favorite tool these days. You'll love it!
  6. Love noodles, but I'd take a great bowl of Pho any day.
  7. I know, how will I survive with the fridged 50 deg winters. Coop, I'll let you know when we're ready to start looking for a home.
  8. Well, it happened quicker than I expected. I just accepted a position down in Austin. I'll be a Texan. We're pretty excited since we love Austin. I'll need to know where to find some good lumber down there.
  9. I've smoked over a couple hundred racks of ribs and I do both foil and no foil. However, I foil them more than not. I do my dry rub and then two hours on the Egg with a spritzing of red wine vinegar/apple juice mixture every hour. I then leave them on for another 15 minutes. Pull them off then foil them. My trick is to rub the ribs with my BBQ sauce before foiling them so they cook with the sauce. I let them on for two hours. They are absolutely prefect every time.
  10. That's a nice setup. Looks like it's going to get some good use. I still need to build an outfeed table soon.
  11. Looks good. Not much more to finish this up.
  12. That's a great wife! Now I'm getting jealous.
  13. Great job Steve! It was a fun project to watch. That room is definitely a sweet setup.