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  1. HMMMMMMMMMMM Future guild build????????????????????????????????
  2. Alright, I have seen very few pro's on websites or in mags using hand held power planers. But they few I have seen make amazing stuff....what are they for, what hand planes if any can it replace?
  3. Really nice table. Is the top a single slab or a glue up? Also I like your desgin alot, how do you thing a contrasting wood choice would work?
  4. My wife does not often come out, however I wish she would more...It just means she likes you, so suck it up and welcome her...She is interested in if you feel she is smothering you and can not be alone, that is a different problem.
  5. Hey, I made one of Marc's pencil holders for a friend for his birthday. Anyway, my miters were crappy so I am making another one for him and keeping this one for myself. I by mistake used the epoxy to glue not just the plywood block but also the top of the pencil holder. Anyway I had some black spots develop on the walnut base, I think the epoxy squeezed out and caused the strange black spots.....Am I right?
  6. It's a big bit. I have never used a drill press in this manner. It was at top speeds. I will try tommorow!
  7. Here is my question, My seven year old wanted to take some off cuts and turn them into coasters for my wife. He also thought it would be good to bore a circle into the wood to put the glass on. I am using a small bench top drill press with some forstner bits and the bits actually stop when they make contact with the purple heart I am practicing on. The bit is brand new. The drill press is my neighbors he left it in my gargae because he never uses it. I increased it to it's top speed. It actully stops dead. Should I slow it down? Is the press too underpowered to use a forstner and a hard wo
  8. Hey, I am looking to make one for my wife as well. I am going arts and crafts because the art work is from the time period when arts and crafts was making its mark. So I would try and match the profile to what ever is going to be displayed. Also check out eagle America's Key hole bit. I got it last year as part of a guild discount purchase I made! It works well!
  9. Let us know when you get it and install it. I am thinking about getting that one for my craftsman.
  10. Yeah I don't like the fence I think I may replace it.
  11. You know it seems to "jump" in the rear when I lock down the front. I am using a comboniation square (good quality) that goes down to the 64th and it aligned but I never lock it down when checking. I think this is the problem, thanks. Grizzly sells a Beismeyer type shop fox after market. I have used played with it in a local tool dealer and it seems solid, any thoughts?
  12. Hey everyone, I have this Craftsman table saw: Craftsman 1-1/2 hp 10" Table Saw (OR35505). I have added a Wood Worker II blade, thin kerf. When I first set up the saw it cut well. Everything was as it shold be. Now I when ever I rip I get bad results. The blade appears to paralell to the miter slot and the slot to the fence. What am I doing wrong. When I rip miters they are not perfect because it appears that the stock is moving and the fence is not paralell. I am a noob...Help me please. Does anyone know this saw?
  13. If it is not a piece of outdoor furniture I would prefer something small like a jewlery box.
  14. Hey Marc, I would love to see an outdoor project. Like an adirondeck chair but whisperized....Not your traditional adirnodeck something with an asian or arts and crafts flair etc.
  15. markwilliams75

    Sander Stand

    This is really nice. Any particulars on the design? I need to make one. Any suggestions?
  16. Hey anyone who will listen, I bought my first hand plane used from craigs list. The reseller was looking for 25 but took pity on me in my noob ways and sold it to me for 15 bucks. It is in great shape. So I bought water stone from Woodcraft, watched some videos and started sharpening it. It seemed to make it a little better but not by much. How long does it take to sharpen it? The water stone has two grits one lower and one for polishing.