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  1. I have had a boat load of pecan that I got from a local widow. There are some pictures in a thread around here somewhere. Here is the thread: Anyway, color in pecan can range from a creamy color in the sapwood and butterscotch to an almost walnut brown in the heart, as you can see in the pictures in that thread. I have gotten good results filling knots and voids with epoxy. I tint the epoxy a bit to match the color of the surrounding wood. Knots and voids are ususally fairly dark, so I use a little w
  2. From Lee Valley: 1. Low angle Jack plane buy the toothed blade and a high angle ground blade, as well 2. Low angle block plane 3. Medium Shoulder plane. The three blades for the low angle (bevel up) Jack cover coarse, medium and fine work. Like three planes for (nearly) the price of 1.
  3. Howdy, dobieag. B/CS here.
  4. I have another idea about using them on .... wait, not so fast.
  5. I have a lot of sequentially cut boards. See:
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    If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. /Ferris
  7. The first taste is always free.
  8. I roughed out a couple pieces that I thought might make good sides. These are each 11-1/2" wide and about 38" long from a single board of pecan. The offcuts should be sufficient for at least the top or bottom. The board started at 13' long. The inside edges of the pieces, as shown, is a common one. (As are the two outside ones, I suppose.)
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    New Guild Site

    I would like to request a link/button/control to get back to the free site from the guild site not the forum, but from I'm too lazy to just edit the URL in the address bar.
  10. I'm in. I plan on using pecan. I also have a little walnut on hand, so I might mix some of that in, as well.
  11. I will be selecting from that big pile of pecan that I have in the backyard, so, locally.
  12. Google image search 'cat door topper'
  13. Well, they may have the upper hand in books, but it was the owner/devotee of quilting that made a $5344 blunder on her taxes, according to the H&R Block commercial with which I was bombarded while trying to peacefully watch football over the holidays. A $5344 mistake? From a quilting shop? How could it be that that amount didn't exceed her entire gross?
  14. As Ferris would say, "If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up."
  15. It won't answer your question or ease your pain, but I love my bandsaw!
  16. I would contact Ken Pittman at LGL Animal Care Products. LGL makes custom cages for everything from bunnies to tigers. Ken is the engineer there and knows just about everything there is to know about cages and cage parts.
  17. I have both 8/4 hard maple and 8/4 pecan. I would trade some for some of your walnut. I'm in Bryan/College Station.
  18. What are you building next, a coffin?
  19. What about using bowtie inlays on the back of the frame corners - adds strength and looks good from the back, invisible from the sides.
  20. My DVR copy of the bookcase episode was deleted as well. Maybe this is some sort of conspiracy.
  21. I sux at the pictures. Deadblow Mallet - from Shopnotes, I think - using a couple leather-bedded, big-ass saltwater fishing weights instead of shot Cutting Gauge - a la Matt Kenney at FWW * Router Trammel/Circle dealy - from the poster above * - This is easy to make and sweet. If you have the means, I highly recommend making one.
  22. You punishment is now knowing that Peachtree Woodworking putting the Grr...ripper 100 on sale. Black Friday ad Of course, you could buy a second.