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  1. Just my 2 cents on this but you could always drill a hole and use a jigsaw and get close then finish it off with some sand paper
  2. its not that we would have had a choice, we were looking into that area to move to, but we decided against it (For obvious reasons)
  3. I dont put any of my gear in storage, there in a trailer in a heated locked garage, sound equipment does not like Northern MN Winters
  4. For me i would use the basement, it may be smaller BUT it has alot of what you need already.. The only concern I would have is getting larger projects out of the basement (I have that problem).. <<<< Just something to think about
  5. We have a fairly new HOA in my area, my wife and I looked into it and there were some stupid rules, Couldn't Park in the Driveway No Trailers of any Kind (I own a production Company) I have 3 trailers full of gear No Noise over 70 DB after 7PM (I talk louder than that) No FirePits (Not gonna happen buddy lol) All Just dumb stuff, I remember the lady giving me the paperwork for start the process and I handed it back to her and said they are completely nuts
  6. Very Nice, i did something similar but I re-purposed a 100 Year Old Piano that my wife got for free and was taking up space, She didnt like the fact that I started tearing it apart in the living room but she got over it once it was started to look like a desk
  7. i have a used tablesaw, (its nothing special) if i had to do it again i would buy new, I am looking into buying a new saw myself probably a sawstop but not until we move and i have a flat concrete floor
  8. I agree with K Cooper, for the space you have it looks good, its about the same space i have that I am slowly filling up with tools and tables and such, I just hope you have lots of power.
  9. Definitely get it checked out at a service center if you are not completely sure on the problem
  10. Would love to have that kind of space, but for now i am stuck in my basement shop 14x20 and still trying to find a spot for everything that works. My biggest problem is adding more and more tools.. Hope it all works out for any expected growth of tools like i have.
  11. I have looked into a few different ways to clean my saw blades and get the pitch and crud off of them... What do you prefer to make them like new again Thanks
  12. I know a lot of us build projects to use as Christmas presents... Here is the start of mine for the year... A little bit of a story to begin with... I had a old piano which i turned into a computer desk, that involved taking all of the keys, the some of the back and a few other parts out (this helped to reduce the weight of the desk) I kept the keys, My thought was why not use the keys to hold your keys.. (Car Keys) etc.. Just started the build but a quick picture to show the progress.. More to come Comments and Suggestions Welcome
  13. I will wax it and eventually i will put something under the table but im not sure where i want it yet and like i said before I'm sure i will be building a new table in the future... I would never want my bench to be that heavy.... I see back problems in your future if you move it... .
  14. Love the comment, got a good laugh out of it... but its sturdy and i am sure i will build a new one and send the old one to the fire pit... Someday...
  15. Its not dead flat but flat enough for what I am going to do with it... Not making any fine furnature, still a newbie lol There is 2 supports in the middle and 3 in between those, I guess you could call it a torsion box.. but i wouldnt