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  1. Thanks Terry, maybe when it comes time to situate my tools and bench you may be able to help?  I looked at your site and see your post about location of your work bench

  2. I haven't been doing much wood working for quite some time now. My basement is only 6' floor to joists and damp and poor lighting. I got so depressed I just stopped going down there except to do laundry or empty the dehumidifier bucket. 

  3. Finally started putting together my new shop. Shed was built by shed people and the electricity Was done by my brother. A big job running all the wires 150' from my house into the shed. Now my turn, floor down, insulation up or almost all up, AC unit went in today and oh what a relief. Next the walls.  Can't wait to move my tools in from my basement into the sunlight.  Yah but damn by back is killing me...








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  4. Hi everyone how's it going. I have a problem sometimes understanding a concept or see it in my head. I have been doing ww for about 3 yrs now and since I retired and bought myself a Grizzly contracter saw I have been down my basement everyday. Here is my problem and yes it has to do with dovetails.

    Laying them out to be more specific. If you have any size wood like a 5 3/8" wide stock. Now please tell me how do you lay out the Dovetails getting them symetrically on that piece of wood? I know there are some jigs where you can sight the center leaving equal pieces at each end. Does the wood have to be a certain size all the time? Like cutting with hand tools and you have one of those handy dovetail marker, where do you start on that piece of wood