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  1. Hi! I need help choosing the correct Blum Hinge model. I have 1-1/2" thick, inset doors. Thanks!
  2. Barn doors. Planing to plane one side. I’l start with a brush and see where that leads me.
  3. Anyone have any experience working with Mushroom Wood? I picked some up yesterday, for some doors I'm building. Great texture, but splintery. Its dry, but needs some prep, power washing, etc. any advice? thanks
  4. I don't use my Dewalt cordless jig saw a ton and when I do- its mostly rough cuts to break down stock. This week I was doing some construction and needed to cut out some 2x4's to accommodate outlet boxes & switches. The blade really seem to drift. Its not the 1st time this is happened, but it was pretty annoying. Am I using the wrong blade (Indeed using a wood rough cut blade)? Too fast? Is this a common issue? Thoughts?
  5. thanks eveyone for the feedback! Much appreciated. The True Position Jig arrives Friday!!!
  6. Thanks Steve-- I wasn't familiar with the True position. Its a little more than I wanted to spend and perhaps more than I need --but it looks like one of the more accurate systems-- I can see why its lasted 25 years. well there is that...
  7. Insider trading! thanks for the heads up!
  8. Anyone have any experience with the Veritas 32 cabinetmaking system or the Rockler Pro Shelf Drilling Jig? Worth it? Rocklers seems enough. I have some cabinetry in my future.
  9. I am actually going the other way --adapting it for my festool hose.
  10. thanks for all the replies. I try not to use hardware, never mind screws in my projects. One last questions: What is the preference: square or Torx (star headed)? Lighten up Francis. I asked a simple question, and I'm not upset, nor do I think people "jumped all over me". This is a woodworking forum.
  11. and this is the problem with forums.
  12. No, I am asking what people use and why.... thanks--thats a helpful answer.
  13. I don't use a lot of screws either, but there are plenty of plans and magazine articles that include the use of screws in projects.
  14. So your saying aesthetically you don't approve? You don't usually see exposed screws and I screws probably would not be used without glue in most cases.