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  1. I'm cleaning the enormous hoarder woodpile in my shop today. Discovering some beautiful scraps. Question--what's the smallest scrap piece you would save for hand tool work? assuming its 3/4"+ stock with interesting grain.
  2. Had an insurance adjustment issue this year and the insurance company wanted it 36" away from a combustable, which ours is not. Worth some research.
  3. The Rockler cannot handle the Sawstop and especially the PM Jointer, both machines get clogged up.
  4. Hmmm--great info came across the JDS which I was not as familiar with any thoughts or experiences with the JDS 2 HP Cyclone 2100-CKV the size is right
  5. How many CFM would you suggest?
  6. I would wall mount it. I've heard the grizzlys are fine but particularly loud.
  7. the CFM lists "up to 600 CFM -of course that doesn't explain what "up to" really means the drum can be swapped out for a larger one as well.
  8. Looking to upgrade my dust collection in my shop. Its a small 10x16 shop with: 1.75 Sawstop 8" PM Jointer Dewalt 735 Planer 14" PM band saw Router table, etc etc etc Ceiling is only 78" At the moment I only have Rockler 3/4hp Dust Right Believe it or not I do have 4" ducting run around the shop. My options for size are limited and have been looking at the Oneida collection. A small foot print is key. So my question is: does anyone specifically have experience with the 1.5hp Mini Gorilla and would you recommend it? thanks!
  9. in the Northeast here I built most outdoor projects with Cedar
  10. Nope. It's a Bailey. Stamped 612-002 Made in England
  11. Just picked up a Stanley #4 on ebay for $40. it's in great shape, in fact it hardly looks used. In my haste I failed to read/see that it has "composite candles"--plastic. So that sucks. Really don't like the feel. I'll eventually replace them. But I am curious as to the age of the plane. thanks
  12. don't do it. I did and regretted it. Not a fan of the Jet combo.
  13. Thanks for the great advise Shannon.
  14. On end--cutting the joinery for the legs.
  15. I recently bought a LN Tenon Rip saw. I've had the LN Tenon Crosscut saw. I am building a roubo bench by hand and figured the Rip saw would be a nice addition to my tool set. I am no master sawyer, but I am able to manage the crosscut saw fine (follow my lines) but the rip saw I keep having drift issues. I am right handed and the drift is always to the right. I am cutting the end cut of 5" x 4" hard maple beams. thought? besides practice? thanks
  16. I've had mine for 4 years or so and have been very happy with it. I've thought of upgrading, but the truth is I don't have the room for anything larger, so it is perfect for my needs. I was going to post this question elsewhere and then realized this a good place to ask it. This weekend I was planing hard maple beams for a bench I am building. Hard stuff. I was getting some burning on each piece, Not a ton, but on the peaks. I started taking extremely light passes to clean up the burn. Maybe a stupid question-- but is it just time to sharpen the blades? or am I just pushing the machine too hard? I read above about the factory blades not holding an edge. These are the original blades (4 years, but I'm not a pro, time wise). thanks
  17. Family tradition is not to share lists until after Thanksgiving......
  18. We were able to replace the spring from a local gunsmith, thats not the issue though.
  19. So I have these double swing doors in the retail shop I own. The doors we picked up at an antique flea market and I installed myself. The doors have worked great until recently when one of the hinges stopped working--meaning it does not swing the door back into the closed position. This is outside my wheel house, but one of our employees, who was a machinist in a former life, took it apart, replaced the spring but was not able to repair it. Seems one of the catches is just worn down. Any idea where I can find someone with the skills to repair such a piece of hardware? Or would be able to source replacement hinge? this is not a hardware store item. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks
  20. Works with the Mag-blok
  21. So we needed a knife rack for our new store and instead of just throwing up an ugly metal one I decided to make a wooden wooden. I own a small benchcrafted one in my shop. I bought a magnetic tool bar, used a beautiful piece of scrap wood, routered out a channel and fit the the bar into it. The thickness of the wood between the knives and the magnet was about a 1/16" -3/32". I tried it in my shop with a rasp and it worked great. I bought it to the store, hung a knife on it and crash! it slid off. . Took it back to my shop. Planed it down until I accidentally planed thru to the magnet bar. So i attempted to make another. With even an improved way of mounting the bar. Again. Fail. Knife slid off. Seems so simple. What am I doing wrong? Are these magnetic tool bars really not that powerful? Do I need stronger earth magnets? Even tried two different species of wood. 1st one was super dry. Thanks for the help
  22. I use one with a remote. the style you are referring to is for one circuit. I clip the remote to my belt loop and click on every time i start a machine.