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  1. I am researching 1/8" and 1/4" plywood to make small food delivery boxes for a store. The boxes would be simple with a quick assembly process, but want them to look slick. Store logo will get embossed or printed on top. Any recommendations for things to look for and for a reasonable priced source? Hopefully the need will arise to batch out a large quantity of these, so hobby shops or craft packets won't cut it. Thanks!
  2. I like the Turner tape idea--I agree about the center point --didn't make much sense. I'll check out the norm jig.
  3. I have a project ahead of me where I need to create circular cheese boards in several different sizes. 12"- 24" I am curious what approaches everyone takes. Jigs, saw, etc thanks!
  4. If you are here and you have the ww bug I would highly recommend it. There are classes/seminars available at all levels and the market place is an eye opening experience. Not to mention the incredible woodworking community that attends. If you can make the drive go for it. you won't be disappointed.
  5. Our bat house 1/2" x 1/2" Metal mesh stapled to the inside wall. I have not asked the bats, but they seem to like it!
  6. thanks for all the advise--My 735 was not pulling wood, and headed here to write a post--but then thought surely this has happened to many others. I'll probably take it apart this weekend and let you know how I made out. So once again --Thanks!
  7. Hmmm--Here i was thinking of the smaller version--the JET 10-20 Plus Bench Top Drum Sander 628900 I mostly see it for small parts when making boxes. Can't imagine it would be underpowered for that and would fit in my small shop and come out when I needed it. thoughts?
  8. Agreed. Build your own. I guilt a super sled a few years back and just modified it last weekend to accommodate my new table saw. While it is fantastic. i want to build two smaller, lighter ones--one for bevel cuts as well.
  9. Thanks for all the feedback! Curious for the band saw what blades you are using. I have a timberwolf 3/4...something or order.
  10. You can install on any zero clearance insert. As Franklin Pug said it comes with directions and a kit for installation, you need a piece of MDF for this install if i remember correctly. I recently upgraded to a saw stop with a riving knife--but the micro splitter worked great in my old table saw and certainly saved me on some moist, curvy wood. it a worthwhile purchase.
  11. I've been building boxes lately and have been doing some resawing of stock, which is new to me. I have been starting my cuts on the table saw, then head to the band saw to finish the cut and the to the jointer to clean it up. I have a 14" powermatic bandsaw. I am curious to hear how everyone else resaws. Do you just use the band saw? What kind of jig do you use? or do you? I was looking at the Carter magfences, but thought maybe I would just make my own jig. The Carter one is only 3.5" high. thanks!
  12. Nice Shop Tim! Thanks for sharing!
  13. I own a Powermatic 60HH 8" Jointer and there is a little black insert in the fence that the manual calls a "Non-Mar Insert". Does anyone know what the purpose of this is? It is simply a small piece of plastic and recently gave me an issue, as it was not sitting flush with the fence and small pieces were getting snagged as I jointed them. I took it apart and adjusted it, but it was a PIA and for the life of me could not figure out what purpose it served. Anyone?
  14. Love the Grriper products! Just got the new Blocks and went for the tapering Jig (to repalce the flimsy old Rockler one I had)
  15. Hi All-- I am on search for an online source for spalted maple. Believe it or not is proving harder to find than I thought. I am looking for thin stock, although I'll resaw as necessary, to build small box tops. I usually order from Bell Forest Products, which had a slim (read: 1 board) selection. In any case I'd be interested in learning about other online options. Thanks!
  16. Thanks Tom! That does seem to make more sense. Your restoration site is very cool. I enjoyed going through it this morning.
  17. I have restored and am about to mount a sheldon vise to my bench. I keep going back and forth about whether I should inset it so the boards would squeeze against the side of my bench or whether i just leave it proud. Both sides of the vise would naturally have wood applied in any case. vise is similar the this one:
  18. Curious if anyone has ever used a portable chain saw lumber mill. I'd love to hear your experiences. one similar to these:
  19. Great question btw-- I was asking this just yesterday! Thanks for all the shaper info Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk - now Free
  20. I wish I had tried this. I recently built two bunk beds and made 7' pipe clamps. They worked but were really awkward to deal with. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk - now Free
  21. I've had the same issue. Frustrating after spending $199! Dryer sheet does make sense....