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  1. I've always used a can like Paul-Marcel shows, perhaps a little cheaper, reused can. It is my understanding that combustion will not take place in a sealed metal container. True?
  2. Great suggestions from CessnaPilotBarry. More important question--what are you doing at the Garden?
  3. Great Site--I have not come acrossed--thanks for the link!
  4. I am not normally a fan of the floating top, but you've really got something go on there that works. Perhaps just the proportion and that it is not floating too high. The walnut is gorgeous and the grain patterns you chose are just perfect.
  5. Looks cool. If I were the client I would ask the the angle of the legs be more severe.
  6. There is so much online content out there that I find i rarely go to the FWW pay site. Love the magazine, but I find the site to be a bit redundant.
  7. Thanks all for the great feedback. Yes I have a peninsula set up now. In fact I designed the whole shop around being able to open the door and have long stock feed out the door. My fear is that I will have a very small space at the end of the table to get around. I've tried the Premium fence at the store and did not like it. Thus my concern. And yes! I was planning on the mobile base.
  8. I am committed to purchasing SawStop in the near future. The saw I have chosen is the professional cabinet saw. I would like to get the 3HP, but here is the deal: My shop space is pretty tight and the truth is the 30" fence would really fit the space better and give me room to work. I am a hobbyist but, but tend to push things! I actually don't mind the 30" fence as opposed to the 36", but am I going to regret not getting the T-Glade fence and going 3HP??? **The 30" model only comes in 1.75HP and the premium fence.** Hard decisions! Please do not turn this into a Sawstop hater thread. Thanks for your comments.
  9. Anyone have experience with Wenzloff and Sons Half Back Saws? or other half backs, for that matter?
  10. I tend to think it's more static electricity, especially that I got a shock off of the plastic bin of the Dust deputy. Not sure why both the metal of the BS would shock as well though.
  11. No metal strip. Where do I install that? Seems like something ClearVu would have thought of. Perhaps I should go back and read some instructions.
  12. It all goes into the compost, unless it's walnut or an exotic (which I really don't use much). I also use small paper lunch bags fill them with shavings and use them as fire starters in the wood stove. Plywood or other products get bagged up and go the dump.
  13. Yesterday I decided to hook up my PM Bandsaw to my Festool Dust collector. Made some adapter hoses and it seemed to work quite well. But as I was feeding the wood thru the blade and my left hand came in contact with the table I got a shock. Long story short: I got a shock when I touched the saw and when I touched the plastic on the dust collector, separately. I was standing between the two machines, not that that seemed to matter. I have a Dust Deputy on my DC I checked the outlet and all is good and grounded. (both are in the same outlet) the shock was in the 20v range, not a full 110v shock Thoughts? Static Electricity? Prevention? Thanks!
  14. There was a group formed last year, that met once a month at Makeville Studio in Brooklyn and had some great meetings. For a variety of reasons, the founders were not able to continue, so a small group of us are in the process of restarting the group. Yes there was a website, but it recently expired. We do have a facebook page NYC Woodworkers. PM me if you are interested in being on the mailing list going forward.
  15. We are in the process of getting the NYC Woodworkers Guild up and running. We are in the logistics part at the moment and I came across the American Association of Woodturners. It is an amazing organization, but obviously more specialized to woodturners, although there are a few strictly woodworking chapters. Does anyone know of a woodworking association like this on a national level? It might be more beneficial to be chapter of a larger organization for things like insurance. I'd love to hear any feedback on your local guild as well. Thanks!!
  16. Do yourself a favor and get over to Berkshire Products. It a woodworkers dream. It's about an hour and a half from you.
  17. I have an offer for the aspiring woodworker in need of tools:
  18. this looks like the perfect excuse to purchase/build a steam bending kit!
  19. I am actually not a big fan right now of building with Doug Fir. I am working on a loft bed project right and instead of using pine 4x4 i went with Doug Fir. I don't really like the way it cut and am not enjoying the joinery. very splintery. I wish the 4x4 wash available in pine was available when I went to the lumber yard.
  20. This is fascinating stuff! I am glad I asked the question! Pros--a contractor deals with change orders from a client. I can see how a cabinet maker would be in the same situation, but what about furniture makers? Have you ever been in a situation where you are building a piece and the client just changes their mind? What about deposits?
  21. lighthearted


    Sweet! What kind of wood?
  22. How much can I charge for procrastinating? Thanks for all the great input and ideas. I have to do estimates and bids all day long at my day job. I am glad I don't have to at my hobby. I often spend time just designing in my head or making a prototype, over and over. As a pro, how do you factor that time into a project? Is it billable?