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  1. Don- that goes in the movie! Congrats on 25 years!
  2. Eagle Scout here! I would be happy to write him. I had my court of honor the day after my graduation. ALL of my HS friends were in attendance, and then we took off on a week vacation together. Shoot me the info, and thanks for being an scoutmaster!
  3. Insurance!??! NYC Woodworkers Guild is just getting its feet on the ground and are trying to sort out insurance for the guild. What does your group use? Are there larger umbrella groups that we can join as chapters? Any thoughts are appreciated.
  4. I admire all of you gents! These look great! Well done.
  5. lighthearted

    Moisture Readings

    Interesting. i need to try that. Document it, that is
  6. To wipe the rust off or Keep them in?
  7. HA! As I was reading this I was thinking "lucky him! My hardwood place closes at 11:30 on Saturday"...... Oh well, I feel your pain!
  8. I went to swap out a band saw blade today and discovered that several of my blades had gotten a bit rusty hanging on the wall. Should I be concerned? They are not completely rusted or falling apart. Is there a method to remove the rust or even a preventative measure to take? I usually have a humidifier running in the shop and don't experience a whole lot of rust.
  9. Step stool looks great as does the box!
  10. I agree with Vic. I saved and got the 8" parallelogram jointer WITH the spiral head. I love it and I'm happy I went for it. Did I mention this was my second jointer I purchased....
  11. My next two projects are loft beds for my kids. My thought was to build them out of construction 2x4, but I do have concerns about warping. Our apartment is extremely dry! Will kiln dried premium construction lumber really be enough? Trying to keep costs down, to prevent my wife and kids from going to Ikea!
  12. Great Review here from Tom Hintz:
  13. duh. I knew I was missing something obvious! Thanks!!!
  14. is there a page or a quick way to see the recent forum posts? I know there is the box on the right of the page, but I would love to be able to bookmark a page to return to daily.
  15. Beautiful. Please send it to me so I can closer analyze it.
  16. Very cool design! I like that a lot. Are the ends, where her toes would be, curved? the only question I would have is: are all the edges rounded over?
  17. The inlay on the tigre maple is beautiful. From my point of view your half way there. Design is sometimes the hardest part. One thing I would do is consider is your hardware. The hinges are a little prominent when you open the top, which is a very cool feature. Consider making the drawer pull out of one of your two woods. Also I would suggest the drawer pull be in the center of the drawer, where it is now I expect that door to hinge down. Kudos to you
  18. Great piece Mike! It's the funniest thing- in the final pic it's hard to tell the scale. You could change the dimensions and make it a jewelry box. FYI Iam having trouble importing your 'sketchup' into my computer!
  19. I stepped up to the 4" starrett about 6 months ago and really liked it, and felt the results. Then Just recently at a woodworking class I was able to compare my HD 12" to a 12" starrett and I was stunned. Mine was definitely not square. I saved the pennies and got one. Yes I really notice the difference.
  20. Glad you got a sawstop! Saving for mine!