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  1. For a while I used this router on my Leigh FMT. Eventually the plunge action developed so much slop and play that I couldn't make a clean shoulder on a tenon. So I sold it and bought a Domino. This was a case where 90% precision still doesn't get me anywhere near the quality I was after... so I simply had to get a better tool. I bet I could have made it work if I had to though.
  2. I have a Jet contractor table saw I bought on craigslist when I first started. At first I thought everything I cut was showroom quality and right on the money. Then I started to look closer. I got an accurate square and tape measure (which in itself is a feat) and discovered my cuts were off by 1/16 to 1/32 and out of square. So with all the precision I could muster I tuned up my saw. Then I got a nice miter gauge and again thought everything would be perfect. But I realized that my miter tracks were uneven and every time I moved the blade up and down it would go out of square... so ever
  3. I'm looking for a little inspiration. What are some of the nicest things you seen built with the crappiest, or fewest tools? I'm thinking black & decker quality, or maybe ryobi if you want to get really nice... or antique craftsman or shopsmith. My tools drive me crazy when they take me 90% of the way but it's the last 10% that bugs me forever. Have any nice projects or stories to share?
  4. Yes. They were a bugger to stretch on but they were totally worth it. I bought orange ones on eBay. I think they were $40 a pair. They came with an install tool. The guy I called was super helpful. So make sure you ask them before you order.
  5. Happens to me all the time too. And I generally try to avoid it because it's so annoying and my shavings are pathetic. I've always wondered why.
  6. In San Diego you could sell it for between $500 and $800. If you had a biesmeyer on it you could get maybe $1k but that's a tough sell nowadays. This is based on first hand knowledge of what these have been selling for in SoCal.
  7. Sorry I actually have the dw735. But the wings would be aligned the same way.
  8. I have the same planer. Yes just use a level or two flat boards to make sure the top of the wings are in line with the top of the planer surface.
  9. Dang john those are really great. I would want a shelf in mine but that design is pretty! Can't wait to see the finished thing.
  10. Oh and the Leigh Dovetail jig, Kreg master system, Incra miter gauge, Porter cable router. You HAVE to go to this sale! Really Jealous.
  11. You should see if you can get any of those clamps. Looks like bessy or Jet parallel clamps. This dude was serious about woodworking. Almost breaks my heart that it's all being sold.
  12. Also, Greene & Greene is the complete opposite of fast-track. Hehe. Maybe you can make a jig to shape them out of a single piece of wood then stain them different colors?
  13. That's a cool finial. Nice job. Very original.
  14. I think I wish I was your neighbor. Are you making the pads yourself? Don't you want something that is going to breathe a little? What's wrong with stuffing canvas with polyester fill?