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  1. I used an acoustic fiberglass panel, very light weight, sound absorption. (Found at surplus supplier $4 per sheet). attached it to furring strips 15 in center. sheets were 5 x 10 x 1/2" took the echo out of my empty shop. Don't know who supplies it in your area but worth looking into. Also like the size of your shop. Eddie
  2. Since I believe you think the concern have been met you may want to custumize some mini turning tools to fit the need. Less cutting edge equals less torque, may be longer smaller diameter handles for better control and greater leverage. I think she will do fine.
  3. I used a couple of 2 by 6s and casters to move my 1000 lb jointer from garage to shop. To lift it I stacked concrete blocks to make pillars and a couple of 2by 12s I keep around for ramps for a beam and a light duty chain fault to lift it. All of these accesories you can buy for about the same price as renting a hoist and there your to use for future purchases ( like a PM lathe, that sounds heavy).
  4. I have a ricin 18 in bandsaw that I purchased new about 4 years ago. It has performed great. I use timber wolf resaw blades and had no problem resawing hard maple 9in thick for door panels. You may also want to lookup fine woodworking issue 170, they did a comparison of 18" bandsaws and rated ricin best value. Ricon Did not have a blade break the others do. Also from owning one with cast iron wheels it takes a while for the blade to stop. I would buy this again. Also one of my friends used mine and bought his last may.
  5. Chains are normal configured in one of 2 ways. 1st-an inner link and an outer link (inner being narrower) which have to be removed as a pair. 2cd-a half link design where half of the link is narrower. Which can be removed individually. Both of these are typical of normal drive chains, I don't have my chain saw here at work to look at.
  6. Lets try a model G-605C, by Granberg. Chainsaw chain repair break. It is used to separate the chain by pressing the rivet in/out to remove damaged chain. See Northern tools