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  1. I'm going to try to keep it as a set for a while and see if I can sell it that way. But if I can't, I'll contact you about the MkII. Thanks.
  2. $10 price drop. Just trying to find this a home, so feel free to make an offer.
  3. I gave up woodworking for a while after my divorce meant I had to move into an apartment. Cleaning out some old boxes, I found a Veritas Cabinet Maker's sharpening set and Norton truing stone that I purchased, but never used. The cabinet maker's set is the second one listed on this page:,43072,45936 It includes the Mk II honing guide with instructions. (I might be able to find the box, but can't guarantee it) A 1000/4000 combo waterstone and a small tupperware to store the stone in water. The truing stone is listed he
  4. Last year, I was given a complete set of Narex bevel edge bench chisels for my birthday. This is a 10 chisel set ranging from 1/4" to 2". In the past year, I've actually done very little woodworking and my focus for the foreseeable future will be on simpler, 'Ana White' style projects I can complete in a weekend or 2 with my sons, rather than fine woodworking. So these have never even had the edge guards taken off. They were kept in the box from Lee Valley until I took them out to take this picture. The details on the set are here:
  5. Absolutely! Take your time, think things through, plan your work. As C Shaffer said, it will take more time, but it can be done. Look up clamping tool guides. Harbor Freight even makes some decent ones cheap. They'll let you have an easier time cutting longer straight lines with your circular saw. A speed square can be used to make short, straight cuts with a circ. saw. One other tool I'd consider is a router. Doesn't have to be fancy. But a router and some bits would let you put nice edges on things, as well as let you use patterns. Since you don't have the tools to easily make anything n
  6. No problem, Marc. Thanks for clarifying.
  7. Just renewed my annual subscription for a second year, and was wondering if I get a new $65 credit for a project, with a renewal, or is that a 1x thing for the first year?
  8. I have seen some of that flexing you mentioned. And I have had to use cauls, etc to try to keep wider panels flat. I did like some of the heavier f-style clamps Irwin had at He Depot, but they didn't have any longer ones. I have both the longer and shorter clamping tool guides from HF. They do work. I try to make sure I don't put too much lateral pressure on them just in case. Do make sure they work in the store though. I found one that had a broken clamp on the shelf. I have no experience with other clamping tool guides, so I can't say how they compare.
  9. Mark, those are the prices I pay all day at HF. Perhaps your HF is lowering the price to match other HFs? I know they're not top of the line, but I can't bring myself to pay for anyone else's f-style clamps. I've never had an HF clamp fail on me, and the price is just too good.
  10. Fretless Llama? Mel, did you lose a bet?
  11. That's what happens when you stay off woodtalk for a few weeks... I literally walked away from this thread as soon as I saw it to see what the local Home Depot and Lowes had. I've actually been quite happy with my harbor freight F-style clamps, but figured if I could get some parallel at a good price... And I did. 2 24" (all they had and they were actually the least discounted.) 2 40" and 4 50". Basically cleared Lowes out of the Bessey. Neither HD had Irwin parallel clamps left. The 40" were $26 each and the 50" were only $32.
  12. Is your current space your "final" space? Is there a chance you'll be moving in the near (2-5 years) future? Or taking over the rest of the garage? In other words, is there a chance you'll be needing a longer bench soon? If so, then I'd consider building a cheaper version of the bench and plan to relegate it to secondary duty or hand it down to someone later. I have a 5'x2' bench now. 2x4 base and laminated plywood top and I find the 5' length is a bit limiting. At least the way I work, about 2' on my right side winds up stacked with everything I'm using at the time, leaving me about