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  1. Thank you, Bart.  The base was just A/C plywood and the top for a kerf core bend.  After doing some research I found that the best way to adhere the aluminum to the substrate was with contact cement.  The Walnut veneer was applied using the iron on PVA trick, in which you apply PVA to both surfaces, let it dry, then iron it on.  I was pleased that it worked so well.  It made positioning of the veneer very easy.

  2. I really like outdoor living. My problem is no overhead cover. The storage compartments are a nice touch. What type of lumber did you use?

    The body of the couch is a 7 ply AC plywood with a high exterior rating, but not rated as an exterior grade. Basically, it means it could sit at a rainy jobsite for awhile. The top is Trex and it has Behr Solid Stain for a finish. This was a very basic build. All butt joints brad nailed without glue. This will never move, so I didn't see the need for any more involved joinery. It's basically just boxes. The biggest challenge was figuring out the angles for the back. The base was made with treated lumber, leveled, shimmed and wrapped with Trex. The entire thing was caulked to the patio and the house with a GE elastomeric caulk.