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  1. Very nice Job Guy. I kinda like the horizontal grain pattern on the doors. It makes it look even more unique. It's a great looking piece and I can't wait to see your next one.
  2. Charger


    Happy Thanksgiving to all my Fellow Woodworkers
  3. Yes I used the PC 4212 Jig for all the DT's. I'd say I have about 8.5 weeks into this one. Thanks for looking.
  4. Thank You Marc, You have my blessing. LOL
  5. Thank You Marilyn, Yes she is a very lucky girl.
  6. Hello fellow woodworkers, I have finally completed the Chest of Drawers for the guild build and The third Shaker Table I have built. The Chest and table are for my Daughter to complete a bedroom set that I have been building for her. The finish is just Minwax Poly/Stain Combo on the case and the table, with Clear Poly on the drawer fronts of the chest. I experimented with spraying the Stain/Poly with my Wagner HLVP sprayer and I got the right setup. I thinned the stain 25% with mineral spirits and I applied very thin coats. It ended up being 6 coats on the chest and 7 on the table. The very la
  7. Well here's an update on my Guild Build Chest of Drawers. After all this time I have finally applied the finish to it. The Stain is a Poly/Stain combo by Minwaxamd is Gloss Bombay Mahogany. The Drawer fronts were just Cleared with wipe on Poly by Minwax. All in all I think the contrast came out great. My daughter has seen pictures but has not seen it in person yet. I'll let you know what she thinks of it after she sees it..
  8. Well Ladies & Gents, I have finally finished the Sleigh Bed and set it up in our bedroom. I had to repaint the room before my wife would let me set it up but it was worth the wait. Here are some pictures of it all set and ready to sleep on. Please give me feed back on this. Thanks Lance
  9. Charger


    Very nice . I like the Oak. You did a great job Marilyn. Keep up the nice work
  10. Yes it makes it closer to the Bacon but it also makes it closer to the Kitchen Sink. I hate doing dishes.
  11. I Plan to build a frame out of Red Oak and attach it to the rails and the HB & Ft, then run slats across those . Then on top of that 3/8" Ply.
  12. OK Guys, Sorry about the pictures not working. I have now fixed them and they should be OK to view. Thanks for the compliments from the people who were able to see them. ""Keep Makin That Sawdust"" Lance
  13. ""UPDATE"",,,,,,,,,,, Hello again Everyone, Well I have just completed the Head Board and 1 Side Rail for the Sleigh Bed. I have attached a few more Pictures of it assembled in my Kitchen. The rail on the left is ready for the Oil but has not got it yet. I was anxious to see what it looked like before I oiled it so I put it together. The Head board was built the same as the foot board just BIGGER. LOL I'll be oiling that second rail today with the first coat and I'm hoping to complete all the finish by next week. Next thing to build for it is the frame that will support the mattress. Let m