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  1. great contrast. overall a great idea. but next time try a tighter grained wood it might look a little better
  2. I was offered a 2/4 thick slab of the wood you would get from any apple tree that grows in Texas my only issue is if it's worth it to work with. Iv never seen anything made out of an apple tree do you think I should go pick it up and make something or avoid it
  3. I'm big on country and rock from the 90s to today no classic anything no jazz I will lessen to tecno sometimes but I would have to say I like that song sexy and candy by Marcy playground the best
  4. I will find a million things wrong before I find something right. So because of that I have almost no mistakes on the second project my only mistake is not doing a mock up out of scrap people say I do amazing work for my age 17years old and I'm the head student in welding and woodworking shop so I am good but not even close to a craftsmen. I have a test for any one who is willing, clamp a 4*4 into a bench vise and draw a perfectly square line every 1 inch for 2-3 feet you will go from bad to ok to almost perfect but you must remember let the saw do the work ( Learned this from my mentor it works)
  5. Do you kids attend skills USA or are you out of the stars or just never heard of it
  6. My problem is finding a good set of plans or finding someone who will look them over I might post them in the scetch up library if I have time so if any can help at that point i would greatly thank you
  7. I cheeked fine lumber it just the prices are steep compared to online I just don't have a way to order online no debit or credit card I do cash hate banks they suck woodfinder helped a little
  8. Thanks for the advice I know now to not lessen to that person
  9. Correction right after this post was up I called a person who owns a decking company and he said for 40 bucks plus plus the price of lumber he can ship it to me it's all4/4 and 4th 10 foot boards I don't have the count yet but think it's going to be enough I want to do it all in solid walnut to last forever. And I live in Austin tx
  10. I want Ronald a desk out of solid walnut so that I can have it for many years but I can't find any walnut so my question is should I use fine grade plywood with a walnut or other dark vineer I really don't gong plywood in furniture a good investment cause the return value is far less than solid wood. If anyone has plans for a nice desk that is flat on top and has drawers on the right side and is a little more open on the left please send them to me I'm still looking it's been 2 months and iv found nothing cause I'm so picky and I hate the Internet mostly yahoo search and google search
  11. I was told by a woodworker today that if you spay a fine mist on a single board shelf that is about 26" in lenth 9" in with and 3/4 " thick and let it sit for an hour and do the same to bothsides then put poly on. Then it will help retain it's shape cause it will not dry as fast and not gain a lot of moisture between coats. This conserns me greatly isn't the goal to keep moisture at a normal level not at an elivared level while applying poly just asking
  12. Yes you are most glues and epoxys will stain hard woods and leave black or sometimes a brownish green colar I would know iv screwed up great projects by glue squeeze out on hard woods and I could not shave or plane it off before anyone askes
  13. I get out of school at 3:45 so I could not make it
  14. I would vote to get rid of some of the new magz I'm tired of all the adds I see the same ones over and over and I read a lot of magz so I could quote most of the adds. In a way the woodwhisperer is my new favorite mag/ book/ info source. And probably will be for a long time. Keep it up Marc and marc's team. Woot woot woot
  15. I'm looking for 4/4 spalted or regular walnut for a desk. I was wondering were in central tx to go or a web site to go to I need it as cheap as possible I know it's not cheap but I still need it soon
  16. Wow my opinion is complete opposite I love working with poplar and it looks great on my projects either as a trim fit plywood or on this single shelf I made I will post pictures soon
  17. I grow contest size carrots so growing other veggies should be easy I think both of you have really good points
  18. I thinking could do my papper on how woodworking at a young age helps you like in high school and my opposing viewpoint can be the students that think it's a wast of time and mabey after my papper is done I can change the opinions of my piers and teacher who think it's a wast of time
  19. It's kind of sad everyone In my school thinks if you are in the shop you have a can of dip or tabaco in your mouth wich is not the case I hate all forms of tabaco products and I can't stand the trends people follow like twitter and silly bands( the bracket things they were all the time)
  20. I find that old tools that are adjusted to the micrometer work better as long as your skill level is there to match but it helps if your tools dummie proof like mark has said in the past
  21. Please refer people to this post if possible I will also have new project pictures up for my first project of my senior year is a whole new ball game thanks to marc's videos and the help I get from all the posts I read
  22. Paul nunya I hear what you are saying I get made fun of by almost all the social groups in school cause I'm the weird wood guy but it's fine cause I know upon my leave of high school the skills and attention to detail I have worked on will help me get into colledge of a job I will enjoy very much. I really enjoy reading posts from people like yourself cause you are the real woodworkers. In my opinion a woodworker is not great till he discovers it's not what others think of his creations but what he thinks of his projects. If you feel good then that's all that needs to be said. For example I consider my creations great for my skill level. Iv only been doing this on side of my school work and weekend job. So I'm still new but I have found is that woodworking gives you time to think and grow a little bit mentally and physically. Vic I'm sorry about spelling I am doing all the typing on my iPod touch and I get a lot of things spelled wrong and don't see it I'm sorry I will make an effort to check my spelling on my posts Thanks for all your input guys I really take it in and try to go by what you all say