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  1. It's only $5, if the handle is charred and the blade is not fully discolored, I say give it a try. Practice your sharpening skills and see how it works. If the metal is damaged and not usable as a saw, then you have a $5 permanent practice saw. If it works well as a saw and the metal isn't permanently damaged, you have a working saw and can make a new tote.
  2. Any woodworkers in the PNW have a laser engraver that can do some work for me? I am making some awards for the local boy scout troop. Please let me know.
  3. I have used Shellac over Danish oil many times. Danish oil is a great medium for wetsanding walnut. The slurry creates a great pore filler. After doing this I let the danish oil dry very well (I have a heated shop) and then using dewaxed shellac I apply multiple coats of a 1 lb cut sanding lightly in between. This creates a glass smooth finish. For table tops I then put some coats of wiping varnish over the shellac to give the top more protection.
  4. So RoboDoc, are you able to sub-out work to? Like if I need a template or something would you make it for a fee and UPS it to me?
  5. I agree, I would build both. There is no button for both or all.
  6. I plan on building one of these as an Overjohn in my master bath. It will likely be painted white, made of poplar, and have beadboard doors. The current one is too small and too crappy. Matt Gradwohl Upper Cut Woodworks
  7. How about one of the new JDS models? They are cyclones, they are on mobile bases, they are easy to empty and they are low enough for shops without tall ceilings. I saw them recently and was really thinking about getting one. Grizzly also has a pretty good one that comes with the remote, but isn't on a mobile base and doesn't have automatic flappers Matt Gradwohl Upper Cut Woodworks
  8. Hey Nik, I've thought about this too because my workbench has square dog holes and I need a nice round hole for a holdfast. So here's what I thought I would try. I haven't tried this yet, but it's an idea. Create a guide block by drilling a hole the exact size as the shaft of your forstner bit through a nice hard block on the drill pressOn the underside of the block, drill a recess for the cutting head of your forstner bitFeed the bit through the block, and chuck it in the drillClamp the block in place and drill the holeExtend the hole with a bit extender like this one Other ideas I've seen mentioned are similar, although they start the hole with the forstner bit and alignment block, and finish with a spade bit (sometimes in an alignment block, sometimes not). I hope this helps. Matt Gradwohl (Upper Cut) Upper Cut Woodworks
  9. Adam, Have you tried 99 designs? I made an entire series of blogposts about logo design and meaning. Check out this series of posts:
  10. My shop is being overwhelmed by a big pile of sheet goods that are not mobile. I can't move them around easily, so I've decided to organized them on a Sheet Goods Rack. Please take a look at my design and let me know what you think. My blog entry is here on the Upper Cut Woodworking blog. Thanks everyone!
  11. Thanks guys. Looks like I need to find an accountant/book-keeper. Any tips on finding one? What's the diff between accountant/bookeeper? What's the going rate?
  12. OK Pros, who else is using Quickbooks? What are the best tips? What's the best training? Do you do it yourself, or hire a bookie? -Matt Gradwohl Upper Cut Woodworks
  13. Hey everyone, I've got to figure out how to attach silver cups to wooden bases. These silver cups were not made with attachment in mind, so I've designed something that I'd like your comments on. There are pictures and descriptions over at my blog. Thanks!