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  1. Im not really following you here, can you please explain this further? What do you mean in bowl orientation and parallel to bed?
  2. Hey these are some pictures of the lathe, chucks, bits, and wood. The close up of the wood is some minor damage that occurred when i was turning on the chuck. The live center I have looks similar too .http://www.woodcraft...ail-center.aspx but I could be wrong. How should I use the four prong bit to get a better hold onto the wood?
  3. It is just a standard something that came with the lathe 15 years ago. It has a very fine sharp point. Chris H/ JWatson- I think you have a good point about my tools not being sharp enough. The wood is in great shape no crack, knots, or anything. This pine is actually scrap from drawers I was building. I agree about using the tailstock but I use the method described above to get the wood set up. After two minutes though the hole made by the tailstock will crack or become larger allowing for the wood to wobble around the point.
  4. Thanks that is good advice for the lathe chuck. ill remember that. Any advice about the tailstock too?
  5. Hey, I am new to wood turning and of course running into lots of challenging problems. The biggest problem that I am having that I can't fix is keeping mostly softwood from not coming off the lathe. As I am turning, the tailstock starts to tear a large hole in the side or violently rips through the wood and then the piece of wood becomes wobbly. The piece of wood would come off the lathe if I just let it keep spinning. This has mostly happened with scrap pieces of pine that I have been practicing with and some other random pieces of wood that are very old and dry (these seems to wear away at t