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  1. My Pastor asked if I would build a small altar for the chapel at a memory care facility and wants a enclosed base for it. Really it’s a table top with an enclosed cabinet under it. I’m having a hard time finding examples or ideas for it and everything I’ve seen has a door or drawer so space isn’t wasted. Anyone have links or resources for examples of enclosed cabinets? Maybe just frame and panel construction for the front and sides? Any direction is appreciated.
  2. estesbubba

    Planer motor - any idea on what this sound is?

    I put a fan in front of it and did a test run and it will be fine until I get a replacement.
  3. estesbubba

    Planer motor - any idea on what this sound is?

    Plastic motor fan - WTF? Inside and outer ends are both rounded so it’s been wobbling for a while and finally broke loose. I’ll have to check if the Shop Fox or Grizzly replacements are plastic - I might even check locally to see if they have metal fans. Ran the planer without feeding wood for 5 minutes and fan barely changed temperature. Belts were a lot warmer. You guys think it will be ok to run short periods without fan until I get replacement? I could leave the back cabinet cover off to get air in there.
  4. estesbubba

    Planer motor - any idea on what this sound is?

    Thanks for the tips I’ll try them this weekend. Would there be any problems running the motor without a load with the belts removed?
  5. So I was cleaning up the shop this evening getting ready for “woodworking season” and when I fired up my planer it made a rattling sound. It does it 3 out of 4 starts and goes away after a bit but I’m not feeling good about it. The planer probably hasn’t been ran in 4-6 months. Any ideas on what it is and how to remedy it?
  6. estesbubba

    Arts and Craft Sideboard

    Coop we have a fifth wheel and camp a lot plus with a small acreage there is plenty of stuff to do around the house. After long winters I just try to do a lot outside and I got a new toy a few months ago.
  7. estesbubba

    Arts and Craft Sideboard

    Chet I won’t lie I just fast-forwarded through this entire thread just looking at the pics Outstanding craftsmanship and the final product turned out amazing! This thread just started my juices flowing for woodworking season!
  8. estesbubba

    Supermax Sander Sale

    I usually stay away from woodworking and forums during the spring and summer. When football season starts is when I start to think about woodworking
  9. estesbubba

    Supermax Sander Sale

    Have you heard any more on an upgraded 19-38? It’s been on my radar for years to upgrade my Jet 16-32 but want to be patient if new model is coming out soon.
  10. estesbubba

    Shop security and cameras

    Yup I saw that earlier this afternoon.
  11. estesbubba

    Shop security and cameras

    I went with a Spotlight cam wired over a doorbell and glad I did. Other than being a doorbell there are many advantages to the spotlight cam including being able to adjust the position, spotlight, 110db siren, customizable motion zones, and less fisheye. Mine is plugged into a locked outlet cover so it will take them a little work to unplug (or I guess just cut) it. By that time I'll already have video in the cloud. Oh, and our doorbell gets rang about 4 times a year so I'm not missing anything there! Here is where I mounted mine. And the view it gives. The normal price for the spotlight cameras is $200 but it seems every other week they are $169 at Amazon and Home Depot. Home Depot is great if you buy 2 or more you get 10% off so I got mine for just over $150 each.
  12. estesbubba

    Shop security and cameras

    Good to know since I can add z-wave switches which I can have turn on the lights when motion is detected. That was the main reason for this thread was to see if it's a good idea to blast them with light! Ring doesn't record continuously but one downside I found is you can setup schedules to not get motion alerts but can't have it not record. I emailed the owner of Ring (his email address is on all the boxes) and he replied within a couple of hours on a Sunday that the functionality to setup schedules to not record at all is coming in a couple of months. For now I have a wifi outlet that the shop camera is plugged into and just say "Alexa turn off shop camera" when I enter the shop. I don't want it recording the entire time I'm out there. Is it battery powered or wired? In my research with the Ring cameras I've found that electrical powered devices record a few seconds before motion and for 60 seconds. Battery powered devices record once motion is detected and it takes a few seconds to get to full quality and only records for 30 seconds. Not yet but they are coming out with their security solution this spring.
  13. estesbubba

    Shop security and cameras

    I've recently installed some Ring spotlight wired cameras on our property and so far happy with them. I installed one in my shop which covers the overhead door, front door, and all the windows. The night vision is decent with the spotlight but Ring has a new firmware coming out that that enhances the night vision and adds color. The spotlight and video recording is triggered by motion and can also be manually controlled. All video is stored in the cloud and installing and setting up the camera takes 5 minutes. For $100/yr you can have unlimited cameras store unlimited videos for 60 days. We live about 15 miles from the city and haven't had any crime problems but that doesn't mean it can't happen. Since we camp a lot in the summer the cameras are also nice to manually check things out from away. Here is what the spotlight looks like with the shop lights all off. Here is a snapshot from the video with the spotlight on and shop lights off. You can see a ghost of me in the center of the shop. Here is a snapshot of recording with shop lights on. My question is in the eyes of a criminal, would a Ring sticker on the door saying you're being recorded and the spotlight coming on when they enter be enough to scare them off? Or would having automation turn on the shop lights 10 seconds after the spotlight and recording comes on help better? It would definitely help identify them better but my main concern is scaring them off and preventing any theft. The cameras on my porch and deck turn on the outside lights 10 seconds after they detect motion. This is a little different because they would think someone in the house got up and turned them on. With the shop it would be obvious that no one is in there but I guess they might think someone in the house turned them on? Of course if they're on meth you can probably throw any logic out the door. @bleedinblue you're in law enforcement, what do you think? BTW did you end up installing any cameras on your property yet?
  14. estesbubba

    Cheap Router Bits?

    Can’t beat Whiteside from Hartville tool for 15% off using code wn15.
  15. estesbubba

    Finishing on a few jewelry boxes

    I surely wouldn’t do danish oil on the inside of boxes. I personally would go with Tried and True original finish for boxes.