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  1. estesbubba

    Shop security and cameras

    Yup I saw that earlier this afternoon.
  2. estesbubba

    Shop security and cameras

    I went with a Spotlight cam wired over a doorbell and glad I did. Other than being a doorbell there are many advantages to the spotlight cam including being able to adjust the position, spotlight, 110db siren, customizable motion zones, and less fisheye. Mine is plugged into a locked outlet cover so it will take them a little work to unplug (or I guess just cut) it. By that time I'll already have video in the cloud. Oh, and our doorbell gets rang about 4 times a year so I'm not missing anything there! Here is where I mounted mine. And the view it gives. The normal price for the spotlight cameras is $200 but it seems every other week they are $169 at Amazon and Home Depot. Home Depot is great if you buy 2 or more you get 10% off so I got mine for just over $150 each.
  3. estesbubba

    Shop security and cameras

    Good to know since I can add z-wave switches which I can have turn on the lights when motion is detected. That was the main reason for this thread was to see if it's a good idea to blast them with light! Ring doesn't record continuously but one downside I found is you can setup schedules to not get motion alerts but can't have it not record. I emailed the owner of Ring (his email address is on all the boxes) and he replied within a couple of hours on a Sunday that the functionality to setup schedules to not record at all is coming in a couple of months. For now I have a wifi outlet that the shop camera is plugged into and just say "Alexa turn off shop camera" when I enter the shop. I don't want it recording the entire time I'm out there. Is it battery powered or wired? In my research with the Ring cameras I've found that electrical powered devices record a few seconds before motion and for 60 seconds. Battery powered devices record once motion is detected and it takes a few seconds to get to full quality and only records for 30 seconds. Not yet but they are coming out with their security solution this spring.
  4. estesbubba

    Shop security and cameras

    I've recently installed some Ring spotlight wired cameras on our property and so far happy with them. I installed one in my shop which covers the overhead door, front door, and all the windows. The night vision is decent with the spotlight but Ring has a new firmware coming out that that enhances the night vision and adds color. The spotlight and video recording is triggered by motion and can also be manually controlled. All video is stored in the cloud and installing and setting up the camera takes 5 minutes. For $100/yr you can have unlimited cameras store unlimited videos for 60 days. We live about 15 miles from the city and haven't had any crime problems but that doesn't mean it can't happen. Since we camp a lot in the summer the cameras are also nice to manually check things out from away. Here is what the spotlight looks like with the shop lights all off. Here is a snapshot from the video with the spotlight on and shop lights off. You can see a ghost of me in the center of the shop. Here is a snapshot of recording with shop lights on. My question is in the eyes of a criminal, would a Ring sticker on the door saying you're being recorded and the spotlight coming on when they enter be enough to scare them off? Or would having automation turn on the shop lights 10 seconds after the spotlight and recording comes on help better? It would definitely help identify them better but my main concern is scaring them off and preventing any theft. The cameras on my porch and deck turn on the outside lights 10 seconds after they detect motion. This is a little different because they would think someone in the house got up and turned them on. With the shop it would be obvious that no one is in there but I guess they might think someone in the house turned them on? Of course if they're on meth you can probably throw any logic out the door. @bleedinblue you're in law enforcement, what do you think? BTW did you end up installing any cameras on your property yet?
  5. estesbubba

    Cheap Router Bits?

    Can’t beat Whiteside from Hartville tool for 15% off using code wn15.
  6. estesbubba

    Finishing on a few jewelry boxes

    I surely wouldn’t do danish oil on the inside of boxes. I personally would go with Tried and True original finish for boxes.
  7. estesbubba

    For those with Paolini rules

    Funny thing is I do have this and use it on several different rules which seems to do everything the OTT does except as a height gauge. I might have just saved myself some money...,42936,50298,53825 And I have this which I use the crap out of it.,42936,42945,32598
  8. So I've heard a lot of people on here rave about the Paolini rules and they're available again. For those that have them which sizes do you have or recommend? Stainless or aluminum? Actually if they had a 4" version that would probably be used the most.
  9. estesbubba

    Shop Tour

    No that price only includes the building. I did all the electrical, insulation, OSB, etc.
  10. estesbubba

    Shop Tour

    The building erected was just over $20k and concrete $6k. A few people said that any money I put into the building would add double that to the property value and an appraisal this summer seems to back that up.
  11. estesbubba

    Shop Tour

    I got it locally but can’t remember the name of the place. Total cost for pipe, wyes, blast gates, etc. was around $600 which my guess is 1/4 the cost of nordfab! No invitation needed just show up!
  12. estesbubba

    Shop Tour

    My wife and I love the porch on the shop - it’s a relaxing place to hang out. Here’s proof that insulation pays off - this is with the heater off! We’ve had a mild winter up until the past week so the concrete floor is still fairly warm and keeps the shop from freezing. Canon EFS 10-18mm. Here are some pics from our vacation where I used it.
  13. estesbubba

    I'm building a shop!

    The shop is coming great and is going to be one awesome place to hang out!
  14. estesbubba

    Shop Tour

    I got a wide angle lens for vacation this year and decided to take some new shop pictures. My shop is a 40x30 pole barn with 10' ceilings and a 9' porch. It was put up in summer of 2014 and I finished everything except the concrete and power to the building. It has 200 amps of power with its own meter and a direct connection to the transformer (not the house). The walls and ceiling are OSB with R-19 insulation in the walls and R-44 blown into the ceiling and I'm now a believer that insulation is worth every penny. Even in the dead of winter the inside won't drop below 40 unless overnight lows drop below 0 and the hottest days it will get to 80 with the dehumidifier set at 50% so it's tolerable. The lights are 5000K high output T-8's and the lighting with the white paint is awesome, although a little boring. I ran a wireless bridge from the house for internet and have 6 speakers in the ceiling. I almost decided to not do the building until I retired but some friends talked some sense into me saying you can't buy a car for the price of it and it will add value to my property and appreciate. A bonus is we get use of our 2 car garage again. BTW - the wide angle lens makes the shop look bigger than it actually is. This is the view of the shop from our deck.East wall - I need to come up with a solution for my sheet goods and pink insulation I use with my track saw. I'm thinking of building a rolling cart for it. Any ideas?North wallWest wall - the Bowflex is in the shop because shortly after I finished it my wife turned the workout room into a Yoga room. South wall My finish samples and small air compressor which is all I've needed so far. Router table, Ridgid sander and cyclone. Someday I might run 8" coming out of it instead of the 8-6" reducer but I don't have any complaints with the performance. I only have one blast gate open at a time so maybe it doesn't matter.52" SawStop which is a great saw and has a lot of nice features in addition to the brake. I eventually want to build a cabinet under the outfeed table for more storage. My 8" Grizzly jointer has been very reliable and accurate - I had to actually shim the outfeed table down when I got it and haven't touched it since. Jet 16-32 drum sander which I adjusted the open end slightly higher and have never changed it. This allows double passes for wide boards without a ridge and narrower boards might be a couple thou thicker on one side but that rarely matters. If it does I just rotate 180 degrees and do a final pass without lowering the drum. My planer is a Shop Fox 15". Both my jointer and planer have knives which someday I'll either upgrade to Byrd or maybe just buy Powermatics instead. I would also love to have a Supermax 19-38 in the future...maybe if Acme has a 15% off sale again. My assembly table is 4'x6' which I absolutely love. I want to build slide out trays for the systainers and also some drawers for it. As usual a lot of "want to's" for the shop.Hard maple Roubo bench - you might have heard of these.Drill press and mortiser - no idea why I keep the mortiser around since I now have a Leigh FMT and Domino. Lumber racks which are just John Sterling standards and brackets - cheap and easy.Wall storage and tool cabinet.100,000 BTU propane heater which will heat the shop quickly. Yes I have 52 of the old style Bessey's and I got all of them during the 2005-2006 Bessey madness. I sure in the hell don't need that many, but with the Amazon, Hartville Tool, and Lee Valley deals back then, they were as low as $12!Miter saw station built out of cheap cabinets from Home Depot. Grizzly 17" bandsaw and Jet 14" I got cheap off CL that has Carter Stabilizer for curves. The Jet I copied Eric's jointer dust hood solution for dust collection.Picture of the dust collection network which is 6" spiral pipe.
  15. estesbubba

    Finishing out a walnut table top