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  1. I think you need to hit a section with a hand plane then wipe with mineral spirits for us all to see!
  2. I buy my rolls from here. Take old one off and use as a template and mark with Sharpie, then cut - doesn’t take long at all.
  3. Target Coatings is one of the original water-based finish manufacturers. I tried their products and had nothing but bad luck as well as some other people at the same time. I used one of their topcoats and added their cross-linker to it and it dried gritty. They were very hard to get a hold of and I finally was able to talk to the owner who said it was my equipment but it was a Fuji Mini-Mite 4 so I doubt it. When a lot of other people (professionals) started posting the same problems on their forum they finally admitted to having some bad batches. In the end I ended up getting a refund but wasted a lot of time. That was five years ago and I know any company can have bad batches but that was enough for me to never try them again. They’ve been around for a long time so I’m guessing a lot of people are happy with their products.
  4. My butt cheeks were puckered just watching the pics! That worked like a champ.
  5. My Black Friday deal purchase wasn’t that exciting but was needed. I got 4 new tires for my truck and Discount Tire beat Costco by $40/tire plus I’ll get 20% in prepaid MasterCard so I saved some cash.
  6. If you haven’t sanded yet then I wouldn’t worry about it as that will get everything even again.
  7. I use Pcoket to save off pages from the internet and you can organize by tags like “woodworking”
  8. Like Steve showed the FMT can't be used for faces like carcass sides and also not for attaching face frames. The Domino can put a tenon anywhere where the FMT is great for edge and end grain work but not so good for face grain. The Domino is also great for things like picture frame miters, and while you could probably do it with the FMT, it would probably take you a lot of time.
  9. For those of you that have the Domino 500 and thinking about the 700 take a look at the Leigh FMT Pro. I've had this jig since 2007 and the M&T joints it can do and the accuracy are incredible. Leigh makes the best manuals in the business (even better than SawStop) and walks you through every step of the process. I later got a Domino 500 off Craigslist and it along with the Leigh FMT can do any M&T I would ever need.
  10. Steve what are all the good tools that Epstein carries? They have a ton of products but their isn’t isn’t the most organized.
  11. Looks like it's $240 now. I got mine a few years ago for $180 from Carbide Processors using the code 'creekers', back when you could use a code AND still get free shipping.
  12. I agree - with how thick gel stain is I would wait 48-72 hours before applying any topcoats.
  13. Coop he had length in feet so you divide by 12. For length in inches you divide by 144. Also for 6/4 like he has multiply by 1.5.
  14. Made an oversized template then bushing with 1/8” straight bit in router.
  15. Do you have a closeup of the end grain and also better pic of the face grain? End grain looks too closed pore for red oak and color looks darker than either oak.
  16. Our Pastor asked me if I would be interested in making a small altar for a chapel in a memory care facility. It is made out of rift-sawn red oak, with the top and bookmatched panels quarter-sawn. The finish is American Walnut oil-based stain, followed by super blonde shellac, with two water-based topcoats. It was a nice first project of the woodworking season.
  17. Thanks for sharing Rick and the craftsmanship on your final gift was perfect! Thoughts and prayers to you, your family, and friends.
  18. The main reason to use shellac is to warm the wood to simulate an oil-based finish. It will also pop the grain and gives incredible clarity. I like to use dewaxed super blonde on lighter woods and towards garnet on cherry and walnut. Another benefit of dewaxed shellac is it's a great barrier coat - for example between oil-based stain and water-based topcoat. It sprays like a dream, dries fast, and sands to dust. Here is an example of ARS on one board and SB shellac + waterborne on the other. I can't tell which is which in this picture. Example of using garnet shellac under waterborne to warm up walnut and cherry (sorry blurry pic). The General Finishes products are great but I'm a fan of Old Master's products at a lower cost and in my tests found they perform just as well. I've sprayed their water-based poly for years and they recently have an improved version called Master's Armor which I just used this weekend. This stuff lays down nicely and is the fastest drying finish I've used.
  19. My Pastor asked if I would build a small altar for the chapel at a memory care facility and wants a enclosed base for it. Really it’s a table top with an enclosed cabinet under it. I’m having a hard time finding examples or ideas for it and everything I’ve seen has a door or drawer so space isn’t wasted. Anyone have links or resources for examples of enclosed cabinets? Maybe just frame and panel construction for the front and sides? Any direction is appreciated.
  20. I put a fan in front of it and did a test run and it will be fine until I get a replacement.
  21. Plastic motor fan - WTF? Inside and outer ends are both rounded so it’s been wobbling for a while and finally broke loose. I’ll have to check if the Shop Fox or Grizzly replacements are plastic - I might even check locally to see if they have metal fans. Ran the planer without feeding wood for 5 minutes and fan barely changed temperature. Belts were a lot warmer. You guys think it will be ok to run short periods without fan until I get replacement? I could leave the back cabinet cover off to get air in there.
  22. Thanks for the tips I’ll try them this weekend. Would there be any problems running the motor without a load with the belts removed?
  23. So I was cleaning up the shop this evening getting ready for “woodworking season” and when I fired up my planer it made a rattling sound. It does it 3 out of 4 starts and goes away after a bit but I’m not feeling good about it. The planer probably hasn’t been ran in 4-6 months. Any ideas on what it is and how to remedy it?
  24. Coop we have a fifth wheel and camp a lot plus with a small acreage there is plenty of stuff to do around the house. After long winters I just try to do a lot outside and I got a new toy a few months ago.