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  1. Thanks for the response! I was planning on going with Targets EM8000, have you used this or have a different suggestion? On last thing, do you know about how long should a person wait before rubbing out the finish with precat? Thanks again, it's kind of nice being forced to use a different finish, after a while I just figured out my finishes of choice and stick to them. God bless, nate
  2. My son and I have been building his dream guitar and will soon be starting on the finishing. I have been spraying finishes for several years now but never worked with pre-cat before, does anyone know how spraying it compares to other finishes, I just bought a Earlex as my other gun had seen its better days. I almost always spray water based as its safer with my setup but am willing to spray about anything if it gives the guitar a more durable finish (and can be polished). The other finish I'm considering is GF's Enduro-var. Any thoughts?? Thank you and God bless! Nate
  3. Below is a great site for dating the plane, the type (aka date) is the key to the value. The great thing about the flat sided Bedrocks is that you can adjust the mouth opening without removing the iron/chip breaker. The bedrocks also have better frogs with more surface area for the blade to rest. Great tools with a family history are hard to come by so I'd think real hard before selling, especially if you have kids as that was one thing that drew my son in-using his great grandfathers old plane. Just a suggestion. God bless, Nate
  4. I'm going on Friday and coming back to see Roy on Saturday followed by the Studley exhibit in the afternoon.
  5. Thanks Dave! I'm still going to try extending the pipe closer to the baffle, gotta at least try right! It will be a bit though as I need to finish a few other things first, thanks again. God bless, Nate
  6. I built my system about 10yrs ago with pvc, I've never had any issues or regrets. I did ground mine, many say it's not necessary but I'd rather not have to always wonder. One thing I would suggest, either make your own blast gates or buy the metal ones. I had nothing but problems with the cheaper plastic ones, they would get crud built up and wouldn't close all the way. Hope this helps. God bless Nate
  7. My son and I recently made a tophat for my DC, it works great but I am getting a little that still gets to the bag. I filled the garbage can twice now and there is about 1 1/2 cups of sawdust in the bag, is that more or the same as what you guys get? I think I'm going to extend the outlet fitting so it's about an inch from the baffle, it's a little over 2" from it now (it's what I had on hand) and I think some is just sneaking right up and out instead of making the trip around the diameter of the tophat and dropping into the can, how far is the outlet pipe from the baffle on yours? The sides on mine are metal so I can't see what's happening, I wanted to go with clear sides (mainly so my son would think it was cooler) but couldn't justify the +$50 for it! It works great but I would like to eliminate the bottom bag completely but want to get the material that passes by to a minimum first. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  8. The wax was so thick you couldn't see the color or checks. The guy at a Woodcraft said their Enony was jet black so I reluctantly bought it, I'm going to call on Monday. Thanks for the input, this is the last time I buy wax covered wood from Woodcraft, we've never had a problem before when I let my son pick out a small piece or two of exotic each time we go-he makes guitar picks out of them so a little goes a long way, but they aren't covered in wax.
  9. I was just wondering what you guys thought of this, I'm working on a greene and greene style project so I picked up a 2" x 2" x 8" piece of ebony from Woodcraft. I get it home and take the wax off and much to my surprise it's covered in cracks-some of them go as much is a quarter inch deep! Now I payed almost $30 for this little piece of wood and am kind of ticked. Have you guys ever had this happen, did you bring it back? I would love to hear your guys input, thank you very much. God bless, Nate
  10. The time is very near than I am going to buy a Veritas Skew Rabbeting Block plane (yippie!!) and I am wondering for those of you that have a PMV-11 blade, since they have been out for a while, what are your thoughts on them? Are there any of you that sharpen with oilstones, if so how is it? I hollow grind and then freehand a secondary on a Soft Arkansas and a tirturary on a Black Arkansas and am not a big fan of A2, they say the PMV-11 is supposed to be easier but is it really noticeable?? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Has anyone heard of The Woodwrights Shop being renewed for further seasons yet? In September of 2012 they had renewed it for two more seasons, they just gotta keep going!! There are so many problems in the world today the last thing we need is no Woodwrights Shop too
  12. It's a compass plane, used for curved work-it's the next tool on my list to get. You have some beautiful tools and the sentimental value I'm sure is great. I have my wife's grandfathers tools as well as a few of my grandfathers-quite an honor. Even though most of them are used every time I'm in the shop I still think of them almost every time I grab one from the cabinet. My kids also enjoy using them which is really cool that their hands are holding the same place as their great grandfathers. I have some planes that are older and just imagine all that has changed since theses were first bought, horses and outhouses where common then!! Sorry I ran on, cherish them!
  13. Looking good. I built my shop about 15yrs ago and couldn't imagine life without it. I have moved everything around 1500 times, that's part of the fun-perfecting the shop.
  14. Man do I wish I lived closer!! Beautiful machine but I don't think the mailman would deliver it to Minnesota, best of luck.
  15. I made one years ago and it worked great. A few years ago my shop furnaces squirrel cage seized up on one of the coldest days of the year, needless to say I gutted my shops filter and used it to revive my heat supplier. This summer I came upon another free squirrel cage and am going back at it. I have a full loft above my shop so I am going to basically build a U shaped duct which will pull the air up through the ceiling-through the squirrel cage-and return back into the shop, upon entry and exit of this unit will be a filter box. My previous unit was basically the same but hung from the ceiling, I have high ceilings so clearance isn't an issue but it wasn't fun getting it hung and it was an eye sore- this solves both issues;would this be a possibility for you?
  16. That's how I got started in hand tools, the hook is set-your screwed!! Seriously though enjoy, for me I had been woodworking for about 10yrs before hand tools really started to come back via magazines opening my eyes and bringing me to what I see as the next phase of woodworking.
  17. If you want to go the powertool route go for it, but since perfection is not a necessity in this scenario practicing with the hand tools would be very beneficial to you. You'll never see it once it's up and if you mess it up your only out a little wood-so the only risk you have is loosing a little time (not likely at all) and gaining skills that you will begin to use more and more. I think this is the perfect time to work on your skills, not on a show part of a project with expensive wood. Just a thought, no choice is wrong.
  18. Personally I usually do as knock knock said, you absolutely do it with a shooting board but I always try to perfect everything I do as practice. Honestly after you get some practice in and get a rythem going it is really quick, quicker than me setting up a shooting board to do it. As long as it gives the results your after there isn't a wrong way.
  19. Dan S beat me to it. I have both and nothing bad to say about either.
  20. I have the same shoulder plane and smoother, love them both. I had been wanting a LA smoother for a while but the placement of the blade adjustment meant I wouldn't be able to adjust on the fly, the #164 solved that; it's now my most used plane-I never thought something would knock my Bedrock 604 from that pedestal.
  21. Thanks guys!! It's an 8" and I think I'm going to order Nortons Cool Grind through Lee Valley. Derek I like how you used the attachments for the Tormek. Thanks again, time to order and since I'm ordering I'll see if there is anything else that catches my eye!
  22. I recently got a heck of a deal on an older Baldor bench grinder ($20), thing is a tank and runs so smooth and quiet you can bearly hear it's running, this replaces my 23-712 which I regret buying! What wheel do you guys use? I have used the standard Norton wheels for years at work but now I see the 3x, other than lasting longer are they any better. My main use is hollow grinding my chisels and plane irons but it will get used a lot on typical odds-n-ends. Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  23. I have never had this problem with mine, but I have had problems with the chisel sliding at times; are you sure it's staying put? If I were you I would hone your primary, adjust the wheel, slide the setup jig back on and check to make sure it's still square to the jig. Also make sure your putting equal pressure on each side of the chisels tip. I hold the jig in both hands placing an index finger on each side of the chisel about 1/4" from the tip. If you do all this and still have a problem I would call but for the life of me I can't see what would be wrong with the jig. I haven't used my jig an quite a while because I switch to freehand sharpening. After watching Rob Cosmans method and a little practice I get perfect results in a fraction of the time, I only say this to give you another option; there is no right or wrong method as long as you get the results your after.
  24. I was wondering if anyone was going to attend Handworks in Iowa next year? May be fun to meet up? Also going to see the Studley exhibit, sounds like it's our only chance. My son it 13 and is equally excited to meet some of the big names-especially Roy-teaching him well!!
  25. I have used paste wax, beeswax, and paraffin; by far I like paraffin wax the best. For me paste wax didn't last nearly as long and beeswax made it feel grippy. I made many different consistencies of it starting with pure beeswax and mineral spirits to dilute it down. Little by little I went all the way to the point that it was just too soft to be of any use and still was grippier than paraffin. A while later I bought a Lie Nielsen plane and they sent me a free piece of beeswax (not sure if it was from them or the place I bought it through that provided it) and had the same results. I just keep a stick of paraffin wax into my apron and away I go. That doesn't mean you won't like one of the others but it is the cheapest and if you don't like it use it for canning or making fire starters!