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  1. Will chime in as I've been doing a ton of maple staining recently. Don't have a ton to ad from the video posted about but I can say for a fact that shellac does a great job of stopping the blochiness but 2 things. 1. be sure to cut the shellac. If you don't it will almost completely seal the wood not allowing for any staining to take place. 2. Also realize that the shellac (even cut) seals the wood so whatever stain you are using will come out lighter in color as the wood will not absorb as much stain. I used probably 20 different test piece tell I got the color I wanted. Also Mineral Spirits works great for cleaning the wood. Just give it a few mins to dry before staining. Good luck
  2. Thanks guys for the feedback but that's not the issue. I have done this staining before on maple multiple times (and I do use a thinned out shellac). It's not blotching just a poor Iphone pic, I can see these sanding "stripes" before the shellac or stain. I wrongly assumed they wouldn't show through the stain..... As far as pressing down on the sander, that being a cardinal sin, lol, I didn't do it. Now I am using a fairly "cheap" Ryobi so maybe it is a bit unbalanced and it is my first time with a random orbital (all previous times I've used a palm sander but it left small scratches that I hated) . All I know it's it driving me nuts. I had tried many times, for many hours and everything I could think of to get rid of them before taking the chance and moving ahead with the staining. Is there a specific technique for the orbital I should be using maybe?
  3. I don't know how to do that unfortunately. But if you click on the pic to make it larger, in the background there is a lamppost across the street. That pole lines up perfectly with one of the lines... Thanks
  4. Hello. Thanks for any help in advance as this is driving me nuts! Using my orbital sander I seem to get sanding "stripes" from the leading/trailing sides of the sander. These are showing up through the finish regardless of what grit I sand up to. To answer some questions ahead of time. Yes I am sanding with the grain (though it happens if I don't too), I'm following the 1 inch per 1 sec rule and it seems to happen if I over lap sand or not (obviously I get more "stripes" the more I overlap). The wood I am working with is maple. In the picture attached the lines I am talking about are the black lines (4 of them) running north to south. The line are not "black" in real life it's just how the picture came out. They're just visible is the best way to describe them. Thanks again