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    I do my woodworking for fun and relaxation. Projects take a long time because I rush nothing. This is a new characteristic adopted since I retired. I was an engineer and program manager for a defense contractor. I had very little time for myself back then. I thoroughly love retirement.
  1. Let me introduce myself. My name is Dusty and I make most of my sawdust with the help of a Shopsmith Mark V Model 520 in Tucson, Arizona. I have been at this ever since I was introduced to woodworking in high school. In recent years, most of my projects have been done at the request of family members. I thoroughly love doing make overs. You know - kitchen cabinets, bookcases, built-ins, toy boxes and shelves. As long as I can smell sawdust, I am content. I look forward to time on the forum. There is much for me to learn from all of you.