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  1. tmelch


    This is by far the biggest piece of "furniture" I've ever done, both in time, and in size. I've been working on this since last October (8 months) for my church, St. Monicas Catholic church in Duluth, GA. We added on a new family center and chapel. My focus has been the chapel. The project has pretty much consumed every spare moment, as I have also helped out with almost everything wood related in the chapel. I'm nearing the end and want to share some of the steps involved in the process, both in words and pictorially. Saw this project journal forum just now and I've been itching to document t
  2. Thanks Cessna, I'll get the sheen number from the pew company, and when they send me samples should be easy to match. Particle Board, how do I "flatten as needed". Dim the lights?
  3. I'm going to be working on a project at church where I'll have to match the finish on the pews that we are buying new, i.e. altar, railings, and trim I'm building/installing need to match. They use MinWax stain (that parts easy), with a pre-cat lacquer finish for the pews. I'm going to get samples from them, but does anyone have any recommendations on what I should use to match the sheen of that lacquer? I expect it will be between a satin and a semigloss. I have the ability to spray (never tried lacquer though) and use mostly General Finishes products. Will be using red oak. Thanks for any he