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  1. Andy is now running a high school wood shop program in Oregon.
  2. The bed in my book "Shop Drawings for Greene & Greene Furniture" is shown in two widths; the originals were twins and I also included an adaptation to make it a modern queen size. Credit for the square punches goes to my friend Darrell Peart. I used to use an old chisel from a hollow chisel mortiser until Lee Valley began producing Darrell's punches.
  3. Whatever hinge you use I highly recommend that you make a mock-up to be sure it will work. The knife hinges move the pivot point past the face of the door, but you have to get them in the correct place to ensure that it opens the way you want it to. They should swing until the door hits the cabinet. Another alternative is a "Parliament Hinge" that also moves the pivot point forward. Personally I would add a 3/8"-1/2" strip on the outside of the door and use butt hinges, that's a common solution in Arts & Crafts f
  4. F+W, the parent company of Popular Woodworking has filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11.
  5. 3D Warehouse is your friend. Search for "woodworking machines" or "dust collection".
  6. Anything and everything made out of wood that is custom made and isn't cabinets. Moldings, paneling, doors, fireplaces, etc.
  7. If you go that route you need to click with the paint bucket on each line you want to change, after clicking on one of the thumbnails in the Materials window. The pick box on that tool is pretty small, hard to see if you're older than 50. A less tedious solution might be to select the last item in the drop down list "color by axis" That applies the axis colors to lines in an axis direction. That doesn't give you control over specific lines.
  8. For me the best thing about SketchUp is its versatility. I can quickly explore a concept, see it from any angle and show what the concept will look like to someone who doesn't understand technical drawings. I think of this as a cleaner version of a "napkin sketch". That doesn't take long and unlike a hand drawn sketch, the model can be changed, copied and modified so that I (or my client) can compare different versions side by side, again from any point of view. I can then take that concept sketch and use parts of it to generate an accurate, detailed model without much fuss. From a comple
  9. There are a couple of melamine specific glues available, one made by titebond and one called roo glue. They work very well to stick melamine to solid wood or melamine to melamine. Not really good for anything else.
  10. Late to the party here. There are currently four versions of SketchUp available, two of them are "free for personal use". SketchUp Make, the previous "free" version is no longer being updated annually with SketchUp Pro. But the last iteration "SketchUp Make 2017" is still available for download, and according to the folks at SketchUp it will continue to be available in the future. The link is a little hard to find, but it is here: The new web-based version is "SketchUp Free". I'm not a big fan of web-based software, but "Free" works pretty well, and i
  11. Cabinetmaking and Millwork is one of the best woodworking books ever. It was a standard text for high school and college shop classes and it is very comprehensive. A great reference for situations where you aren't sure of the best way to do something -- it's probably in there. When I worked at Popular Woodworking I used to joke that every technique article, jig or trick published in woodworking magazines in the last 40 years can be traced back to this book. I wasn't kidding.
  12. You can also get "The Complete Kitchen Cabinetmaker" directly from me:
  13. This one: Is a great comprehensive reference and used copies can be found for a few bucks. It's a school text book but it goes through almost every process, machine and tool in woodworking. The photos are dated, but the information is solid.
  14. All the print books I sell are signed by me. Also put in the envelope and carried down to the post office by me. I can't compete with Amazon on price, so I do my best. As an author, it's a big plus to sell books directly. When it comes to getting paid, the author is last in line and gets the smallest slice of the pie.