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  1. like many people on this forum, i have been lurking around for about 4-5 years now, but have not made an official introduction. my name is schuyler (sky-ler). i am originally an iowegian who migrated about the western parts of the u.s. in the late 1990s/early 2000s. i finally ended back in the midwest in 2002 (il) for graduate school and planted my roots in eastern nebraska shortly after. i grew up around woodworking during my younger years. my father was a h.s. shop teacher for about 10 years in a small western illinois school district until the early 1990s,until the school district decided cut teachers and programs that were not important to curriculum (woodshop was one of them). as a youngster i would tinker around my father’s shop, mostly trying to turn baseball bats and spindles out of scraps on his lathe and help him sand his almost completed projects and then slam the occaisional nails into some wood just to pass the time away with my father in his shop. anyways, over the last several years i have really begin to notice notice the woodworking pieces my father has made for other family members, including the fly tying desk, walnut bookcase/table top gaming case, along with some other pieces laying around the house he has built over the past 40 years. as all woodworkers do, he takes pride in giving his projects to various family members and the projects are all well received. i have always wanted carry on the legacy of my father’s craft, and enjoy making and helping others on their projects, but i always found it difficult to get started in serious woodworking projects when i was moving from place to place almost every two years. so finally in the last 5 years or so we found a more permanent home and employment and i now have an established a shop space (the classic 2 stall garage/workshop, which my wife parks her car in occasionally) and i have slowly started getting back into woodworking. so over the past five years most of my projects to date have been small simple projects. they are not even close to what i would be comfortable calling masterpieces, but they are functional…. beer totes for my groomsmen: cornhole boards for our wedding and tailgating parties shop cabinets: simple workbench bench: currently i have a decent sized list of projects i would like to build for our son and for around the house we recently purchased in the past couple years. it has been a lot tougher than i thought to find well spent time in the shop with the one year old minion running around the house, but maybe by the time he leaves the house i will have the list near complete. thanks for stopping by and hopefully i will have other projects, opinions and ides to share with this great community. - schuyler (aka skippy)
  2. haha, i would love to, but that would require me to hire and install a subpanel/new circuit to the garage
  3. i would be willing to take that off your hands (i live in lincoln), but with a kid on the way in three weeks, i probably shouldn't.
  4. i dont live in iowa but use to. did you look at any of these options.... another option i can think of off the top of my head is the woodsmith store. and yes a search of lumberyard and des moines will be a fun one to explain to your girlfriend. at least the search is legit! haha
  5. this is what i have done here in nebraska recently after being frustrated with the local hardwood shops/big boxes in my area. try a google search for your state forestry extension office at one of the state universities, in your case it appears to be cornell university... contact them directly or peruse their site to see if they have information on their site about local sawmills in your area, etc. another good resource is to contact your main or regional forestry division office, within which ever state agency its hosted in: this documnet might help, to be honest i didnt check it thoroughly, but it does appear to have a list of sawmills int eh state by county
  6. i used 3/4" hickory for the sides and baltic birch plywood for the tops on my first set. i swear they weigh a ton, but i like the way they turned out.
  7. i recently (about a month ago) purchased a dozen of the blue and gray handled F-clamps of various sizes because they were on sale. I have used them regularly with no issues, i have yet to see one slip while clamping projects or jigs to a table, etc., unlike some other off-brand clamps i have used. for the money i would by a lot more and suggest them as a buy! has anyone used any of their aluminium bar clamps? i was going to buy a couple of them, but the aluminium bar seems to be pretty flimsy and flexes more than i would like. at least compared to other name brand clamps of this style.
  8. its not the size that matters! i haven't been following this forum for very long (maybe 1.5 years), but this is exactly why i appreciate this community. i don't have the time nor the patience for the tomfoolery, flame throwing, asshat commenting, negativity filled online community members/communities of various "you name the forums and forum genres". it just gets old and in some, if not most, cases can cause a great online community to crumble. there is a line between the previously mentioned and the way to communicate thoughts, ideas, philosophy's, and constructive criticisms effectively and maturely. i thank all the members for your maturity and excellent discussions. thank you marc for creating such a great space in the land of the interwebs to discuss woodworking in mature, professional and a relatively troll free (hah) environment! besides if you don't like the set of rules that have been established by the community then...GET OFF MY LAWN!!!
  9. their tables are one of the many reasons i have recently decided to take woodworking a bit more seriously, because i would like to have a dual purpose (table top gaming/dining room) table in our house and we need another nice shelf/bookcase for all of our table top games. anyways, it appears that the accessories have a shallow dado on the top and a roundover on the bottom opposite of the dado side at the back side of the accessory. there also appears to be more to it than just a dado and roundover to the system on some accessories. it looks like there might be a small lever to activate a slider or something on the accessory tables cup holders in the first two links below. edit: i found a review from a table owner and gives some little detail on the rail system: