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  1. I will have to download that and give it a try as well......thanks Doug
  2. Thanks, and no they don't. My boss was shocked on what I was able to do with the scrap pieces. They were actually boards from a pallet that we receive metal banding material on. I was asked by several to make them a cutting But thank you again, I enjoy working on stuff like this, plus my grandkids love to help me with its a win win for me
  3. Thank you.....I took it to work to show some of my fellow workers....many of them wanted to buy it on the spot.
  4. Hello forum, I am a beginner carpenter. I enjoy working on wood projects. I have put together a cutting board in a Native American style art work. My grandkids Aunt had seen a cutting board and ask if I would make her one. I know some woods aren't the choice of many wood workers. The woods I use are scraps that I come across from where I work or pieces I have came across while I am out and about. I knew what would happen when I gave her the board, she found a plate holder to display it at her house. In all honestly it was a compliment to me. below are some pictures of the board.
  5. I just took the design from the smaller chairs. Just include the shelf in between the 2 seats. Its 52" wide and it sit very comfortable. It actually just cost me about 200 screws to make. Its all free lumber. I'm posting a picture of the 3 chairs finished. My 4 grandkids and I painted them. Their choice of colors. They are now getting the age look to them so this summer I'm gonna put Thompson's Water Seal on them. I'm learning as I go.
  6. Well I am not so much a finish type carpenter but I do like to build things. I recently downloaded some Adirondack chair plans. It was designed for a narrow chair. The middle chair is one I added a few inches to, as to make it easier to sit in. I then decided to create a bench style Adirondack chair. This one has become a hit, everyone likes it the best. These are all made out of scrap lumber that would get thrown away into the landfill. These aren't fancy but I like to share and read and view other projects as well. Thank you viewing.
  7. Well I took what advice you guys gave me....I suggested that they only use this cutting board for veggies or bread and such. To use the other cutting board they had for the meats. I did say that it needs to be washed thoroughly and dried on its edge. To make sure no water sets up under the board if it were laid flat. I will look at the end grains of my board to make sure I get tighter grained woods. Thanks for you help........Don
  8. Thanks, I enjoyed making it. I got the ideal went I seen how cool a dovetail joints look with different kinds of wood together.
  9. Hello everyone, I am brand new to the forum. I have been reading and watching videos on The web pages. I was interested in the cutting boards that he had made. Now I haven't worked with woodworking tools since high school. I recently made a end grain cutting board for a friend of mine for Christmas. This is made completely from recycled lumber from work. I have went dumpster diving to get this wood. It actually is wooden pallets that we receive different kinds of metal banding on. This measures out at about 12 1/2" x 22". Now I know I have read many times not to use a planer to surface end grain cutting boards, but I glue a 2 inch block on the ends and make allot of passes through it to clean it up. I have included some pictures, I don't have many clamps so that's why I use a planer to clean it up. The pictures show a small steps I used to make the cutting board. Please remember, this is scrap has flaws but it adds character. Thanks for viewing my pictures.