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  1. Byrdie

    Kumiko Lamp

    I agree with highlander - I think the proportions of the legs are just fine. I also don't mind the elevated look and fit of the top. I'd glue it up if it were me and stop pointing out the "errors." Also agree that is seems a shame to hide two sides of it. Hope that's not its final resting place.
  2. Byrdie

    8/4 Honduras mahogany

    Like many, I tend to look under the avatar ...
  3. Byrdie

    8/4 Honduras mahogany

    It would be helpful to have a general idea of where you are so interested parties might be able to get a sense of the cost of shipping.
  4. Byrdie

    Coffee table design

    Lag screws/bolts are a pretty positive attachment method but are you sure 4 will be enough? I'd be worried about persons sitting on it and rocking it. When something is this large and solid, people often assume that it's strong enough to be manhandled. Another question I meant to post but apparently didn't - was the ink used to black the legs "printer's ink?" (Intended for use in printing presses.)
  5. Byrdie

    Too much to ask for one decent project?

    When I make mistakes that need to be replaced, I set the "bad" part aside and save it for making a new or smaller version of the same thing. I still have a couple handles for boxes that I miscalculated the length. I finished the woodworking part of them and have them saved for when I make something similar to the original but just a tad smaller. Could also rework parts of the handles if necessary. I only become frustrated when the mistake creates waste. Otherwise it's a learning experience and I'm not willing to let it ruin my day.
  6. I'm too busy using the tool to waste time painting it.
  7. Byrdie

    narrow shop paper towels

    Try this: The company I work for used to sell them but they were slow movers so we discontinued the item. I bought a case. I looked up what I bought and Googled it. The above option popped up and it looks like the same thing I have. This is what I Googled if you want to cut and paste to look for other options: #05740 WYPALL PLUS POP-UP BOX BLUE 9.8 X 16.4 9/100'S Good luck.
  8. Byrdie

    Gray splotches on Ash mantle

    This sounds very similar to the issue another poster was having with the oil finish on his walnut counter top recently. It sounds like the oil finish wasn't completely done off-gassing (two years sounds wayyyyy too long for that to be possible) and sealing it in with a poly coat or varnish is now showing the trapped gasses. Ace was the one with the best answers on that last set of posts so hopefully he'll chime in here. I understand the chemistry somewhat but have always hated finishing just enough to keep it really simple so I might not be the one with the best answers on this. edit: check the very next topic to see what I'm talking about ...
  9. I'm not up to date on the podcasts but I've always enjoyed them. They were a model that all the other subsequent podcasts tried to follow. I understand what a commitment they were but, like most of you, will miss them. Whatever the boys do with their newfound spare time, I wish them well. BTW, the "spare time" comment was done with tongue firmly in cheek.
  10. Byrdie

    Micro bevel on chisels?

    Flat on my chisels and slight micro-bevel on my plane blades. I find that it's quicker for me to sharpen my chisels if I have a single surface to reference to and I get them as sharp as anyone just hand sharpening - no jigs. I don't use a jig for my plane blades either but just a few swipes at a steeper angle when I nearly done sharpening gives them just that much finer of a cut. For me, it's the difference in the way the two tools are used and the durability of the edge that's lead me to this method.
  11. Great minds must think alike. I don't think a cap rail would work with this design so I was thinking, if the idea is to keep water from gathering on the end grain, why not just bevel it? Richard beat me to it. Or you could just leave it and the owner will learn his lesson when he needs to replace the fence in a few years. All the money he spent on cheap lumber will be offset by the expense of a sooner than expected replacement. Sometimes, as craftspersons, we have to realize that when the customer takes the design responsibility out of our hands it's best to give them just what they want and absolve ourselves of any responsibility.
  12. Byrdie

    Diamond Hone Size

    On the water stones, don't forget to consider combo stones. For similar money you can get the effectiveness of 2 stones. At the very least it's a good entry point.
  13. Byrdie

    Okay, what's the next buy?!

    I'll echo the comments on DC. I have the Tool Shop from Menards but it's pretty much the same one that Harbor Freight sells. For entry level and a lot of years beyond that it's a great starting point. My best sander is a 5" ROS Bosch, in fact I have two. Not a big fan of the jig saw, maybe because I've always had cheap ones. About the only place I use it is for trimming very thin pieces of plywood, like 1/4". Other than that there are better tools for the job. I'll also echo the "routers are like rabbits" comment but my favorite is a 2.75 HP variable speed combo kit I got at Menards. Again, it's their house brand Tool Shop but I'm pretty sure it's a relabeled Milwaukee. I'd suggest a combo to start and then maybe a Porter Cable for the router table you know you're going to build.
  14. Byrdie

    Hello from Minnesota!

    Welcome Ken. There's a few of us here from the frozen wasteland, the great white North, the land of melk and boooots. Look forward to seeing what you have to share.
  15. Byrdie

    Greetings from Nova Scotia

    Welcome Farback. Ditto looking forward to seeing some examples of your work.