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  1. Chopcat, there is a UK version of the Benchcrafted Vise. Made by Richard Maguire: I've seen both in the flesh and Richard's is very high quality. It comes with super in-depth instructions also http://www.rm-workbenches.co.uk/html/wagon_vice.htm
  2. Hey guys. I'm not building along. But just a suggestion for this tap issue. If there are a group of you building, why not share the tap and die sets? It's the sort of thing you will use only once, so probably doesn't make sense for everyone to buy them... ?
  3. I back Marc's comments 100% I spend a lot of time talking to people here in the UK who look at you like you're an estate agent (Realtor) when you mention owning a forum. Forums have gotten such a horrible nasty reputation because of these parasites that have nothing better to do than be an A-hole on the internet. The only way to deal with these situations is to nip them in the bud. If you don't like being moderated, get your own forum!
  4. Have you tried Google Reader? It's an extremely effective way to keep up with the blogs you like. Without having to remember to check if they have updated posts.
  5. So what do people want from a podcast? Be it video or audio, but specifically audio. What content would you like to see more of? More 'talk' like WTO? Or more 'HowTo' like MBW? Or something else?
  6. Touche. I'm still trying to find my voice. But if I ever get things off the ground then I will give audio recordings a go. If I get everything set up so it's easy to just read the article, add bumpers and post. That way it's not a chore. But I'll say it again. Spoken Wood is a genius idea and I wish more people would read their own articles, rather than Matt having to do it. After all, he's promoting them more than himself.
  7. David, I think text will always be king. I certainly would never recommend just releasing an audio version of the blog without the text. Blogging evangelists will tell you that if you do a podcast, it's sensible to have a transcription of that podcast in the show notes. This is mainly for SEO reasons, but it will also serve a percentage of your traffic who don't want to listen. Personally I'm the other way. If I'm at my computer, it's not to read. Not long articles any way. I'd much rather do that sitting in a comfy chair, or not-so comfy train\plane seat. Now with the birth of the i
  8. Hi Brian, I just spent some time on your site. You have some great content on there. Could I make a suggestion? The design is ok, but it doesn't work the same in all browsers. The issue is FrontPage. It's such a terrible way to make websites. I'm sure Marc and Matt (at least) would back me up on this. Try Wordpress. It's simple to setup, fully customisable and incredibly powerful at all levels. Give it a go. I'm certain you'll enjoy the process and find your workflow improves just by converting over to it.
  9. Matt brings up an interesting idea there actually. He says that he is willing to share his feed to give exposure to people producing content. Could this be something that could be done on a wider scale? What about a central YouTube type place (could be here?) for woodworkers. Something that independent of LumberJocks or FWW, etc. Something that gets a lot of exposure because of it's combined content stream.
  10. Hi Wilbur. As someone who has worked as an engineer for the largest media company in the world for the past 12yrs. I know what it takes to produce media content. Whilst I understand what you are saying about quality, do we really care if the quality of a 3 minute audio podcast is less than perfect? Most of us have a microphone of some sort, even if it's using an old pair of headphones. I do enjoy well polished productions, but that should never get in the way of someone producing content.
  11. Here's my take on this. Anyone who produces a blog or podcast or video podcast purely as a hobby or part of their hobby, WILL eventually burn out. It takes a special kind of person who will produce content regularly and get nothing but an audience in return. The flip side of that, is that anyone who comes at it trying to earn money out of blogs and new media will probably also fail. Marc explained that earlier. No one will pay or advertise with someone who is not established. But does this mean that people, who have no intention of making money out of blogging and new media (is there a
  12. Hey thanks Wood Servant. We thought it was pretty nifty and lots of people commented on it. The barns at Cressing Temple are beautiful and worthy of a visit if you're ever in the UK. They have a woodworking background, so perfect for a woodworker and his family